Canopies for the Wedding Ceremony

Canopies are used in many religious traditions to cover the bride and groom during the ceremony.
In the Jewish religion, the canopy is called a chuppa, variously spelled chuppah, huppa, huppah.
The chuppa symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.

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wedding canopy

English and Hebrew Text (Combination ) 

Quilted Wedding Canopies

We are partnering with a wonderful quiltmaker and now offer magnificent quilted canopies. Our lovely canopy designs  can be customized in several ways to suit your taste and color preferences. The quality of the fabric, threads and workmanship is superb. Whether your wedding is  at home or at a glamorous resort, a beautiful canopy will make your ceremony even more special. After the wedding, this canopy can be displayed in the couple's home and will surely be an heirloom to be passed to future generations.   

Embroidered on the design above  is  the beautiful phrase "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"  from the Song of Songs, in English and Hebrew.  This pattern (we call it "Circles Combination") can be purchased for the extraordinarily low price of $445!

With text in only one language ( English or Hebrew) in a choice of designs shown below, subtract $50 for an even more extraordinary price of $395!. Or customize the canopy (with the couple's names and the date of the wedding, for example) for minimum additional cost.  Click here for close-ups of designs and further info. 

I am my beloved's  I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine
In the Round - $395
Circles - $395
Tree of life design
New design option: Tree of Life - $395

The workmanship and design were outstanding! The chuppa created a very beautiful setting for the marriage of our son.  I expect that it will be one of their cherished possessions. Thank you again for your exceptional work.

 Jeremy T. and Jean G.

Just to let you know the Chuppa arrived in pristine condition, we are both so pleased.  Thank you to all who helped, we are both so grateful. You have provided an excellent service, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!
 Sasha and Dan

I received the chuppa and it is beautiful, much nicer than I could imagine. Thank you for everything.

Heather Belanger

Lace Canopies. We also make a white lace canopy with a matching border framing the top on two sides. Size is 4' x 5'. Names and date may be embroidered on the lace canopy too!

lace canopy
another lace canopy
Sample White Lace fabrics (depends on what is available at time of order)

       lace canopy with poles

White Lace Canopy and free-standing poles
Poles decorated by Flowers by Gina D., Baltimore, MD

free-standing lace canopy

Jacob Moskol and Kerry Clancy
Madison, Wisconsin, June 12, 2004
Lace canopy with Silver Poles

canopy with flowers around poles

Jessica & Paul
July 30, 2005
Detail below:
detail of lace canopy

At left: Ann and Samuel
"The hooks really worked. Our day was VERY windy! We also loved the canopy fabric. It was even more beautiful than described."  Ann Schattenberg

"Here we are after the conclusion of the ceremony under our beautiful chuppah.  It looks as if the Rabbi is telling us,
'That's it!  Now go!'"
Best regards,
Ron and Channa
June 2006

Wedding Canopy FAQs

Q:  What size are the quilted canopies? 

A: The typical size for the quilted canopy is 3 feet by 5 feet. However, each canopy is custom made so the dimensions may be changed. 
             The lace canopy is typically 5 feet by 6 feet but also may be custom-sized.

Q: What size are the borders?

A: The quilted canopy has a 6 inch border on all four sides that is decorated with a quilting pattern.
           The lace canopies  have 11 inch overhangs on two sides. 

Q: Is a frame needed to support the weight of the canopy?

A: No, we've never used a frame for either the lace or quilted canopy. The four pole-holders need to be reminded to keep the poles vertical when supporting them. Where they stand determines if the canopy is taut or not. None of the canopies is heavy so it will not sag if the poles are placed properly.

General Questions

Q: How much is shipping? 

A: Shipping by Fedex typically costs $8 to $20 for the canopies.

Q: How much time before the wedding should we order? 

A: It's always wise to order as much in advance as possible. Two months to make the quilted canopy is not too much time -- we work with you on fabric and thread color until it's perfect. The  lace canopy will normally be done in 2 to 3 weeks, but don't wait -- we do take a vacation now and then and sometimes an emergency can cause a delay.

Purchase a quilted canopy heirloom in your color scheme for $395 or $445 or a white lace bordered canopy for $295. Or we can help you select the appropriate canopy fabric for your wedding. Send us an email describing your needs, the setting of the wedding, etc.  or use the form below. We will reply with a price quotation.

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