Justice of the Peace: Robert D Whynott

Robert D Whynott

Gloucester, MA

Justice of the Peace

I am a retired Gloucester City Clerk who has performed over 1000 wedding ceremonies. I perform all types of ceremonies and do outdoor or indoor, and have done weddings in costume at Hammond Castle, on schooners and at the top of our lighthouse.  When couples use my services, I meet with them (if requested) at a local coffee shop and I provide ceremonies to choose from and/or change or embellish, and do telephone and/or email consultation.  I don’t charge for anything but the standard ceremony fee, except for rehearsals, which are not necessary with my services (ask me why). I have actually done only two rehearsals out of all my weddings.


I was born in Gloucester, and it has always  been my official residence , even when I had temporary residences elsewhere.  Growing up, I held a number of jobs, including shining shoes, dishwasher at the Addison Gilbert Hospital, delivering groceries by truck, and two years driving and dispatching taxis.  After that I attended Bryant & Stratton Junior College of Business studying computer programming, followed by 25 years in operations, COBOL programming, operations management, installing, teaching and sales of applications software, and  as a regional manager of post sales support, covering most of the east coast and all of Canada.  In spring and fall, I spent four days a week on airplanes.  During that time I continued my education at Northeastern University, Bentley College, and received a B.S. in Business Management from Franklin Pierce College (now a University).  In 1992, after two terms on The Gloucester City Council, I was appointed City Clerk, at which I spent the next 17  years until I retired in 2009, and then served three more terms on the City Council.   For fun, I played rhythm guitar and sang in general business bands for 30 years, the last band being a 12 piece banjo band, playing tenor banjo, singing and emceeing.   Now all I do is work part-time as a deputy sheriff, serving civil process and performing any an all wedding ceremonies that come my way.  I have enjoyed all my experiences and have never been bored!  I look forward to every day!


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