Justice of the Peace: Trish H. H Dayan

Trish H. H Dayan

Stamford, CT

Justice of the Peace

Being a Justice of the Peace is the happiest job in the world, helping in the union of loving couples.

The Ceremony
I am very happy and excited to be able to perform weddings for same sex, heterosexual and transgender couples.  All races, religions, nationalities, cultures are welcome and enjoyed.

I am a humanist in philosophy, so do not do religious ceremonies, but am eager to incorporate whatever religious and ethnic traditions that are important to you as a couple and to your family. I have a short ceremony which I have personally developed from writings of many sources, but am even more pleased when you want to write your own words of love and commitment, either in part or entirely. No witnesses are required, but any number of guests are most welcome.  If children are involved, they certainly can be part of the ceremony, if you so desire.


I prefer to perform weddings at my own venue, in north Stamford.  My home is located on a sparkling lake with dock and bridge.  It is adjacent to the Connecticut arboretum, so there are many large trees, shrubs, ferns, etc. –truly natural.  On the grounds are large glacial rocks which many couples love to incorporate into their photos.

In winter or inclement weather, we can use my solarium, which looks out onto the scenery.  It is large, bright, cheery.  It can easily hold 10-12 people comfortably even with social distancing.

I am authorized to perform weddings at any venue in the State.

Special Addition
As I am also a licensed clinical social worker specializing in couples counseling. I offer a package of two ninety-minute pre-marriage counseling sessions,  plus the ceremony, for $450.00. Although in love, even the best matched of couples can face issues that should be discussed prior to the marriage.  This is especially true when this will be a blended family, where step-parenting problems can arise. These sessions also can be useful to work out attitudes toward money, spending, extended families, different cultural ideas and plans, etc. Open communication is a key to the best relationships.

Wedding Renewals
No matter how long you have been married, you may want to publicly, or privately, make a recommitment to your union. Again, I have a short ceremony that I have written, but your input is the most important. Again, also there can be much flexibility in terms of the type of ceremony, people participating, guests, setting. The role of children, whether small, teens, or adults, is important to decide together. Some people want the renewal celebration to be informal. Others prefer to wear their original or a new bridal gown. It can be held in the original wedding setting, or in a new venue. It is entirely up to you. There are no formal licensing or other procedures to follow. This is simply a most personal, loving occasion for both spouses. Fees are the same as for weddings.

Other Happy Occasions
My property and I are available for you to celebrate important birthdays, retirements, whatever  you and your family would enjoy.  We can work out the speeches together.

Getting Your Marriage License
Connecticut laws of course must be observed.  For both Connecticut residents and non-residents, the marriage license must be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office in the town in which the wedding is to be held. Both parties must apply for the license (not necessarily at the same time), providing proof of person, age, prior marriages and dissolutions.  Depending on the locale, at least 24 hours is usually required between the time of applying for and receiving the license, but this can be discussed with your local Town Clerk. No blood tests or other waiting periods are required.  The cost is $30 for the license, and if you want a copy after the ceremony has been recorded (not necessary as it will always remain on the town clerk’s files), the cost is another $10. (These fees are subject to change per legislative order.) You must present the completed license to me at the time of the ceremony; I will then sign it and deliver it to the local town clerk.  In Stamford, CT, the Town Clerk’s office is on the first floor of the Government Center, 888 Washington Blvd., 203-977-4054.

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If it’s known already.

Thank you so much for doing our ceremony. It was such a beautiful day and your yard was such a gorgeous backdrop. Such a happy day for us all! 🙂