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Updated May 7, 2021 The coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty to wedding planning. FindaJP and all of our marriage officiants share the heart wrenching decisions facing loving couples in our communities and across the country. We understand your fear and anxiety. And, we share your desire to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. It is About Love We encourage you to  remember that it is the love you have for each other that is most important. That is what your marriage is based on. The justices of the peace (and notaries in Maine and Florida) on findaJP […]

Suncoast Region, Florida

Florida’s Suncoast offers the best of all worlds. Luscious beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, or beautiful and serene landscapes inland. Don’t let a fear of a high price tag scare you away. While the area boasts many high end, luxurious wedding venues, there are numerous charming and affordable spots as well. Unsure what is the right place for you? Let your notary know what you are looking for, and he or she will likely have suggestions. Find a Wedding Officiant in Florida’s Suncoast Region Clearwater FL Marco Island FL Naples FL Sarasota FL St. Petersburg FL Tampa FL Some […]

Central Florida Region

The Central Region spans the entire width of the state, with coastal venues on both coasts. The Atlantic Ocean’s beaches and beauty, and the Gulf of Mexico’s serene nooks are all options to suit your wedding needs. If youthful adventure is more your style, an amusement park wedding in Orlando is always an option. Florida is a convenient destination wedding, and because flights are often more affordable, it works with those minding their budget, too. Unsure what is the right place for you? Let your notary know what you are looking for, and he or she will likely have suggestions. […]

Love Prevails: Getting Married in the Age of the Coronavirus

All you need is love

Social Distancing None of us has experienced what our country, and the world, are facing right now. Fear and anxiety are natural emotions. Add a wedding plan into the mix, and it is understandable if emotions are high. Many couples are postponing their mega-celebration or opting for an intimate ceremony outdoors. For others, the venues have taken the initiative and closed shop, taking the decision-making out of the couples’ hands. For all, these are trying times, when thoughts about the common good must prevail over our personal desires. Safety First First and foremost is safety. At the beginning of the […]

Coronavirus Resources for Marriage Officiants

Updated August 25, 2021 As we face the constantly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation together, our JPus family wants to assure you that we continue to be your resource and advocate. Our goal is to provide wedding officiant-related support and information to help you navigate these uncertain times. We are wedding (not public health or infectious disease) experts. As such, our efforts focus on supporting marriage officiants in this realm. Many people are, understandably, fearful and anxious. Our hope is that by providing information to help you plan, you’ll feel more in control. And therefore, you’ll be able to make the […]

Coronavirus Related Financial Help

Updated March 24, 2020. COVID-19 has reached pandemic levels, and as the country responds to manage exposure, small businesses and the wedding industry are being hit particularly hard. A double-whammy for marriage officiants. This article is one of several JPus is posting to support our members during these difficult times. Financial Assistance Wedding officiants are typically sole proprietors, which are a type of a small business. They are reliant upon themselves and their network to advertise their services, connect with potential clients, and close the deal. As such, officiants are sensitive to fluctuations in the market, and vulnerable if there […]

We’re Getting Married. Surprise!

We're getting married. Surprise!

I love surprises, don’t you? As a Justice of the Peace, I’m constantly surprised by some of the unique locations couple choose, unusual requests, last minute elopements. Recently, I’ve had more than a few true, surprise weddings. I was asked to officiate a surprise wedding last fall where the couple was throwing an engagement party for their family and friends. Instead, surprise, it was really their wedding in disguise. I was asked to pretend to be the aunt of a friend of theirs so the Mother of the Groom wouldn’t get suspicious! The couple had just returned from a cross-country […]

MA Call to Action – End Child Marriage

Updated 11/7/2021 If passed, S937 (Senator Harriette Chandler) and H1709 (Representative Kay Khan), would End Child Marriage in Massachusetts. Please call your Representative and ask them to cosponsor and support the legislation to #EndChildMarriage. You may use the script below for some guidance. Please look up your Legislators at Testifying to Committee Members Instructions to submit written or oral testimony to the Massachusetts Legislature when a hearing is scheduled Contacting Your Legislator Conducting a Successful Call Introduce yourself and what town you live in. The office will want to know your zip code to make sure you’re a constituent! If the Representative […]

One-Day Rule: The Problem

The Problem Justice of the Peace Association members have long decried the problem of the lay officiant. In Massachusetts the One-Day Solemnizer causes particular distress. Problems include: The state treats lay and professional officiants differently and unfairly, to the detriment of JPs. Municipal town clerks complain that as many as 90% of One-Day Solemnizers made significant legal errors, doubling the amount of work they had to do. One-Day Solemnizers compromise the integrity of the marriage license and are “loose with the law”. Couples who use a One-Day Solemnizer may unwittingly jeopardize the validity of their marriage because important paperwork isn’t […]

JPus vs findaJP

When you are a member of the Justice of the Peace Association (JPus), there are two websites that are important to you. Understanding both, and how they interface with each other, will affect your success and satisfaction with your membership. What’s the Difference? All activity for Justice of the Peace Association (JPus) members takes place on The content on this website targets wedding officiants, our state and municipal partners, and organizations that share our advocacy goals. Consider it your hub, loaded with content to help you market yourself and be the best officiant you can be. Members should […]

Benefits of Membership

Why join the Justice of the Peace Association? It’s the professional membership organization for JPs and notaries. Members join first and foremost to be found on, the place where couples who click go to find their perfect marriage officiant. A listing on gives JPs the space to share their qualifications, philosophy and experience allowing couples to confidently search for a professional officiant who best meets their needs. But a JPus Membership goes beyond a listing on In addition to connecting officiants with Couples who Click we provide information, education, networking and advocacy to support JPs and notaries […]

Five Reasons Why a JP is Right for You

Engaged to be Married? Looking for that perfect officiant? We’ve got five reasons why a JP is the way to go! Deciding on what type of wedding officiant to solemnize your marriage can feel overwhelming. There is the religious route – but that isn’t for everyone. A friend? Nah. We’ve written about the many problems when an amateur gets involved. But a Justice of the Peace? Indeed, they offer the best of all worlds. These are the five most common reasons couples choose a JP as their wedding officiant. Read on, to know for sure if a JP ceremony is right for you. […]

Prison Weddings

Officiating in a prison or Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility takes preparation.  The Marriage License Like weddings that take place outside of a detention center, a marriage license is required before an officiant may proceed with a ceremony. After the not-incarcerated member of the couple applies for the marriage license, the town clerk goes to the facility to obtain the incarcerated person’s signature. The couple must also apply for permission to wed, secured from the warden. Behind the Scenes Help Having a buddy on the inside can make your experience smoother. Connect with the prison chaplain or social worker. This will […]