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About Justices of the Peace

Learn more about the role of Justice of the Peace and about the Justices listed on below.  Then visit the related link for more details. Related Links: Search for Officiants | How to find a JP | How to Interview a JP A Little Bit of History The role of Justices of the Peace in England goes back to the twelfth century, when the first of a succession of kings appointed wealthy landowners to enforce laws in their counties. Today JPs are no longer restricted to the upper classes. In the democratic societies that emerged from those territories originally […]

Oppose JP for a Day

Your voice counts! THE ISSUE In March 2018 a new Bill was raised in Connecticut, An Act Concerning Justices of the Peace Who May Serve as Marriage Officiants (SB 396), which would allow anyone to be a JP for a Day in the state. Connecticut legislators need to hear from their constituents WHAT JPus IS DOING The Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on Friday, March 9, 2018 where JPus presented testimony opposing the legislation. We are also working with state Senators and Representatives, and talking with the Secretary of State’s Office, advocating to have the bill killed in committee. HOW TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY You may submit […]

Testimony Template

Testimony before the Judiciary Committee March 9, 2018 S.B. No. 396 (RAISED) AN ACT CONCERNING JUSTICES OF THE PEACE WHO MAY SERVE AS MARRIAGE OFFICIANTS. Good afternoon Senator Doyle, Senator Kissel, Representative Tong and members of the Judiciary Committee, My name is _______ and I am a registered voter in _______ ; a justice of the peace, as well as a member of the Justice of the Peace Association. I am here to testify in opposition to [or strongly oppose or something similar] the Raised Bill S.B. 396, specifically as it relates to allowing justices of the peace to be […]

Testifying to the Judiciary Committee: March 9, 2018

Your voice counts! THE ISSUE A new Bill has been raised in Connecticut, An Act Concerning Justices of the Peace Who May Serve as Marriage Officiants (SB 396), which would allow anyone to be a JP for a Day in the state. The Judiciary Committee needs to hear what you think about this proposed legislation.   WHERE TO TESTIFY The Judiciary Committee’s public hearing is on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 11:00 AM in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). The first hour of the hearing is usually reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers, State Agency Heads and Chief Elected Municipal Officials. The Public will likely begin testifying around 12:00 […]

Quiz Yourself to Find the Right Ceremony Tone

Quiz yourself to determine the right tone for your ceremony

In a conversation with your officiant, you might be asked what you’d like the tone of your ceremony to be. Your JP wants your ceremony to reflect you as a couple — your values, beliefs, passions, and style. How would your ceremony feel overall if it were to express the essence of both of you? If you’re not quite sure how to answer that question, take the following quiz. Add up your answers at the end to find out what tone of ceremony might be right for you. Which of these venues is where you’d most like to be married? […]

Don’t Let Language be a Barrier

Bilingual ceremonies

Recently, I officiated the wedding of a bride from New Hampshire and a groom from Paris. He spoke English with a charming French accent. But his family, flying over for the festivities, did not. The couple requested a bilingual ceremony, but I do not speak a word of French. What was I going to do?These days, this isn’t an unusual dilemma. As our world grows smaller and more interconnected, cross-cultural weddings have become much more commonplace. These types of ceremonies serve not only to join the couple in marriage, but also to merge two cultures and languages. You can get […]

Contact Us

The Justice of the Peace Association is a professional membership organization of JPs and other marriage officiants. We provide information, education, networking and advocacy to support JPs in the performance of their duties, in addition to connecting JPs with Couples who Click on To find out more about the Justice of the Peace Association LLC please visit our About JPus page. Are you a JP? The mission of is to support Justices of the Peace in the performance of their duties through information, education, networking and advocacy. JPus membership includes a listing on as well as access to […]

Is A JP Right For You? Five Reasons To Say YES

So you are ready to select your wedding officiant and you are wondering if you should forgo the pomp and circumstance of a religious ceremony and choose a Justice of the Peace instead. But how do you know for sure if a JP wedding is right for you? To help you decide, take a look at the five most common reasons couples choose a JP as their wedding officiant. You want simple and quick. Finding a JP who can preside over a simple wedding at your town hall or local park for a modest fee is easy. If you wake up one morning with a […]

4 Reasons to Consider a Wedding for Just the Two of You

Weddings represent a rite of passage in most of our lives. They represent a turning point and a new dream of the future. Why then – on such an important occasion – would you choose a ceremony just for the two of you (and the wedding officiant)? Here are the top four reasons why an intimate “just the two of you” wedding may be right for you. 1. A “just the two of you” wedding is affordable. Fancy weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars and in today’s uncertain economy saving for future major expenses may make more sense than […]

Whom should you ask to marry you? A JP, of course!

Having been a Justice of the Peace for several years, and having been married more than once myself, I think it is safe to say that I have heard the question “Will you marry me?” probably more than most people. Usually it starts with a phone call that goes something like this: “Hi, I’m getting married and wanted to talk to you about your JP services.” Or “I found your name on I’m getting married in February. Can you help me?” And more than a dozen times, “Your listing on says you do short notice. My wedding is […]

I Love Small Weddings

I’ve married people in all sorts of places – from town halls to “posh” venues. Yet so often the weddings that move me deeply are the small, unassuming affairs. They are the kinds of weddings that I think about again and again, over a cup of coffee the next morning or the next year.  These lovely little weddings occur in the corner of someone’s living room in front of a china cabinet or in a back yard under a blossoming apple tree. The bride is always beautiful in a freshly ironed dress. The groom is always handsome in a freshly […]