Updated May 7, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty to wedding planning. FindaJP and all of our marriage officiants share the heart wrenching decisions facing loving couples in our communities and across the country. We understand your fear and anxiety. And, we share your desire to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe.

It is About Love

We encourage you to  remember that it is the love you have for each other that is most important. That is what your marriage is based on. The justices of the peace (and notaries in Maine and Florida) on findaJP are professionals who are trained to help you figure out your options and the best way to move forward.  You can have confidence working with them, knowing that they will be flexible, and have your best interests in mind.

We encourage moving forward with your ceremony, on a smaller scale. Postpone the big shindig for a later time. And, let your JP or notary help! Ask them if they have taken the COVID-19 training certification for marriage officiants, and tap into their expertise to work out a plan.

Practical Tips to Navigate Wedding Planning during COVID-19

★ Frequently Asked Questions about marriages during the pandemic

★ The latest on what size social gatherings are permitted, by state – Updated May 7, 2021.

★ State-by-state information on securing marriage licenses when town clerks’ offices are closed – Updated May 7, 2021.

★ Recognizing the value of an officiant who is prepared to manage a socially distanced ceremony

★ How to Live Stream Your Wedding has all you need to know so family and friends can be with you from afar.

★ Social distancing spreads guests out. Make sure everyone can hear with sound system tips.

★ Outdoor Ceremonies – even in the winter! Tips to make them work.

★ I’m Getting Married – Coronavirus Tips from the Experts, in The Patch

★ Classy satin face masks designed specifically for couples and officiants

Articles About Marriages During the Pandemic

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Coronavirus Guidance from the Experts

We’ve compiled reliable information from reputable sources to help you better understand why all the fuss.

★ The CDC’s guidance on prevention

★ More CDC information, mitigating risk

★ Coronavirus safety tips, from the NY Times

★ This NY Times interactive model shows how masks work. Really.

★ Dr. Assan Bitton’s explanation of what social distancing looks like

★ The Washington Post provides an interactive model that simulates why social distancing is effectiv