Ceremonies Celebrating Equality

Getting married – it is so exciting! Except. Many loving couples’ right to marry is in jeopardy. With the Supreme Court’s most recent decision in the same sex wedding website case, marriage equality is one step closer to being at risk. And this means that we must all stand together to support our friends and family. Because a threat to one is a threat to all.

We are sad that the country’s highest court chose to legalize discrimination against gay and lesbian couples. This is a step backwards. To right this wrong we encourage those who care about equality to be strong and united.

Love and marriage is a right. Consequently, it is our responsibility to  stand together with our fellow humans who face a threat to their right to follow their heart and their love. To be their true selves.

Be an Ally

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or you are an ally, your wedding can be an opportunity to let your voice be heard. Celebrate marriage equality together, with the people you love.  Some ways to express your support.

  • Champion marriage equality in your wedding vows.
  • Incorporate Pride decor in your wedding motif.
  • Make a donation to a LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, and ask your wedding guests to do so, too.
  • Distribute wedding favors with a marriage equality theme.

Marriage Officiants

The officiants listed on findaJP.com embrace marriage equality. Every. Single. Officiant. They are members of the Justice of the Peace Association, a membership organization for civil officiants. They all abide by a Code of Ethics and will warmly welcome all loving couples who want to legalize their union. Check out their profiles on findaJP.com and find your perfect JP or notary to officiate your wedding ceremony.

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