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The Justice of the Peace Association has five membership levels. Each level increase gives extra exposure so you receive more couple contacts. In addition to listings in more towns, higher membership levels also include more photos and testimonials. Becoming a featured member prioritizes the listing. Learn more about all the benefits of a JPus Member Here.

*All members must be a JP, notary or other recognized marriage officiant and agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics.*

Use the form below to 1) Select a Membership Level, 2) Choose Your State(s), 3) & Choose Your Towns. For help choosing your plan, please read our Q & A on Guidelines for Choosing a Plan located at the bottom of this page.

Step 1 Select Your Membership Plan

$75 /year
$140 /year
$275 /year
$475 /year
$650 /year
A listing on
A listing on✔✔✔✔✔
Towns Included in Plan
Towns Included in Plan1 town6 towns11 towns23 towns40 towns
Wedding Photos
Wedding Photos1 photo6 photos11 photos22 photosUnlimited photos
Testimonials1 testimonial6 testimonials11 testimonials20 testimonialsUnlimited testimonials
Extra Town Fee
Extra Town Fee$35 each$30 each$25 each$20 each$15 each
Featured JP fee
Featured JP fee$20$25$50$100$150
Selected Plan

Step 2 Choose your state

Use the drop-down box to select the state you would like to be listed in. Then continue to Step 3 to select your towns. To be listed in more than one state, please repeat the process to choose additional states and towns.

If your state or town is not listed, let us know here.

Membership Form: Select State

Step 3 Choose your towns

Select your region (or county). Then Check off all the towns you wish to be listed in. To add towns from multiple regions, toggle to each region or county so those towns are visible. Check the ones you want. You can be listed in more towns than your plan includes (but fewer than the next higher plan); an “extra-town fee” will apply.

After your towns are selected, choose your hometown (). You may also upgrade to be "featured" by clicking the yellow star icon () next your selected towns or by clicking the enable featured link below your town list.

Select a Region:

Available Towns

  • Select a county to see towns

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    Guidelines for Choosing a Plan

    Which Membership Plan is Right for Me?

    Choose your membership plan according to how much exposure you want on The higher-level plans include listings in more towns. Wider coverage translates into more contacts from couples. So, if you’re looking to grow your wedding business, choose a plan with more towns. Your listing will then be seen by more couples. Additional information to help you select the right plan for you is in this article

    What is a Featured JP?

    Featured JPs’ photos are highlighted and framed to give additional attention. In addition the findaJP algorithm places Featured members higher on the town landing pages.

    Why might I choose a plan with additional towns?

    As mentioned above, more towns means more visibility for your profile, which leads to more contacts from couples and more weddings. Additionally, plans that have more towns also allow more photos and testimonials.

    Which towns should I choose?

    To help couples “find” your listing on findaJP, consider the following: Couples seeking an officiant usually look in the town where they live or the town where they will be married. Listing your profile in many towns increases the likelihood that it will be seen where the couple is looking.

    Can you show me my state map with the regions or counties identified?

    Select your state to view the corresponding map.

    Show Maps

    Can I add towns in 2 or more states?

    Yes. To select regions and towns in multiple states, please follow the steps below:

    1. Select the 1st state.
    2. Then select the regions and towns for the 1st state.
    3. Return to step 2 to select another state.

    Repeat for each state.