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Website Q&A

Below we have some frequently asked questions – and answers! Please know that your JP Dashboard’s landing page describes each function offered. In addition, in-depth Dashboard Navigation help is available. Our detailed member support articles are also available to help with different aspects of the JPus/findaJP website. Following are some questions that members have asked and our replies. We share them here to help you in case you get stuck. Logging In Q: How do I log into the website? A: Click the login button at the top right corner of either or and then enter your email […]

Membership Renewals

If your membership is currently active, please follow the instructions for Active Memberships. If your membership lapsed, then please follow the Expired Memberships. Active Memberships Login to From your Dashboard go to Manage Membership To Renew the same plan: click Renew Now If you would like to Upgrade, then scroll down (Under Subscription Totals) and click Upgrade To Renew & Change Your Membership plan:  First, renew your membership subscription and then change plans. See the Change Membership Plan instructions below for details. If Membership Expired Log into Go to Manage Membership (or from your Dashboard go to Purchase […]

Featured JP

Featured JP Example Banner

The “Featured JP” is an enhancement to your membership package that increases its value. Featured JPs get priority placement on town listings Featured JPs are promoted with an engaging profile photo frame Prioritization When JPs are listed on a page they are randomized using an algorithm that gives priority to featured JPs and JPs who have a higher level of membership (eg Hometown+ listed before Basic, or Ultimate before Hometown+). Featured JP Fees The fees to become a Featured JP depend on the number of towns you are listed in. The screenshot to the right has the fee structure circled […]

Dashboard Navigation

Your profile on is the first impression you make to visitors on the website. This article explains how to use all the features available to JPus members through the JPus Dashboard. Additional articles with tips are available by searching in the sidebar under Topics for Public Profile or  Membership Features. Maximize Couple Contacts Once you have got their attention, visitors will want to take the next step and contact you. visitors have several options for making contact. If you’ve got an external link (to your own website or to Facebook or LinkedIn), they may well go there next. […]

Managing Your JPus Membership Subscription

The JPus and findaJP website rebuild comes with some long-awaited new features. Accordingly, we have new terminology and processes. This article is intended to help our members understand some of these exciting opportunities. Membership vs. Subscription Membership Naturally, by definition, all JPus members have a membership. This means that members belong to the Association. Benefits are only afforded to active members. This includes Member Profiles and hidden information that is only reserved for members. Therefore, it is important that members are logged into the site when visiting. Memberships are annual, and need to be renewed each year. Memberships do not […]