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Month: July 2018

Adding a Membership Badge

Current Justice of the Peace Association members may display a JPus Membership Web Badge on their personal website, blog, social media account and email signature. Follow the instructions below to add a JPus Membership Badge to your account. Grab a Badge Visit the Membership Badge Page to get the badge. Please note that you must be logged in as a member to view this page. Select a badge size Add the badge to your site using one of the following methods: [caption id="attachment_13070" align="alignright" width="300"] Example: Adding badge using code. Click for larger view.[/caption] a. Use the code below the . . .

2018 Website Survey Results

In March 2018 JPus sent a survey to JPs on our mailing list. We wanted to hear about what is working for you - and what isn't. Your feedback let's us know what to work on so we can improve and better meet your needs. So, a big thank you to the 127 justices of the peace who responded! Here are some of the results, and what we're doing to make your experience even better! Is the JPus website easy to use? We are pleased that 60% of respondents said that it is either very or extremely easy to use . . .