Our Services

Our Services

JPus provides services that further marriage officiants’ profession. We maintain focus on their interests and how they serve the public.

Find a JP (or Notary)

officiant and couple at beach - Image for JPus Services PageJPus connects our members with couples who are looking for a secular marriage officiant. Couples go to our website, findaJP.com, and select their perfect JP or notary. Members’ customized profiles include unlimited descriptions, photos, testimonials and videos. Couples contact their officiant directly, and all pages can have links to websites, email and social media.


As the professional association for secular marriage officiants, JPus stands by and represents its membership in the media, with public officials and to lawmakers.

  • Read about our work with state legislatures here. We make sure JPs’ and notaries’ voices are heard.
  • We have a heart. As the purveyors of love, we advocate for social issues that are related to marriages, because these affect our membership and the couples they serve.
  • It is exciting when the media captures our activity with a news story. It is a great way to help the public better understand our professional role. In the News section is coming soon.


To maximize our effectiveness, the Justice of the Peace Association collaborates with the stakeholders that influence the work we do! We also partner with organizations and groups that are working toward our shared goals. Read more here.

Education and Networking

State laws require justices of the peace and notaries to further their professional qualifications. Members rely upon JPus to further their training and hone their skills. We keep them up to date with the latest laws and policies, and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration.

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