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Ann Marie is very happy with JPus

I have been a JPus member since 2008. I appreciate how professionally this website/group is presented and the majority of my wedding opportunities come from JPus.  I have upgraded my account slowly each year, expanding the towns that I cover and added newer pictures, videos and testimonials. This website meets all of my needs. Thank you!

Ann Marie Chaset | Bantam, CT

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I am fortunate and proud to be a member of JPus, as my history with this organization has proven to be outstanding method to connect with couples. Thank you for the effort of JPus and its staff for the many years that I’ve been a member.

Robert DiBella | Glastonbury, CT

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I love being a JP and your organization has allowed me to live out one my beloved dreams as a wedding officiant. I’m grateful to JPus and its community for saving the day, a very important day!

Angie Scraders-Murphy | Stamford, CT

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I love your website and I am getting many inquiries. Please keep up the fabulous work!

Karen Mowad | Bristol, CT

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I think that my findajp site does the best job of getting my personality across. I am very happy since I went County wide. In the last 2 days, I have had 3 inquiries…not too shabby!

Carol Schweitzer-Schilling | Middlefield, CT

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I had no idea that joining this association would be such a quality experience. I am thrilled!

Barbara Gallagher Jarry | West Haven, CT

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Many thanks for the great conference. I learned a lot, and my calendar is quickly filling with weddings for next year.

Vada O. Crosby | Windsor, CT

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Thank you for your guidance in helping to make my Justice of the Peace appointment wonderful! Every person that is on is grateful too!

Leslie J. Orofino | Westport, CT

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I have gotten many referrals from findaJP and many happy couples! It truly has been a game changer for me. JPus is an association that I am proud to be a part of.

Heidi C Keyes | Norwalk, CT

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I love being part of this organization! The support you offer is excellent!

Ellen Lyn Connery | Newington, CT

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I became a member a month ago and the very next week booked my first wedding!!! I have booked 5 weddings so far and I am only doing this part time. I have already officiated two ceremonies. I encourage anyone that may be on the fence about becoming a member…. climb on over!! It is worth it!

Lisa Walker | Tampa, FL

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New Hampshire

I’m busier than ever with weddings this summer. Absolutely wonderful!

Sharon Curole | Manchester, NH

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Thank you too for everything – I think I got a couple of hits just this week – my year is booking out faster than I can manage it seems.

Jane Rokes | Keene, NH

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After only 5 days on  I received an inquiry. Today it turned into a booking. I couldn’t be more delighted to experience such quick results. So happy to be a part of this group.

Cynthia Dumont | North Hampton, NH

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Just a note of Thanks. It has been wonderful being a member. Your guidance has been outstanding. Thank you for all you do!

Elizabeth A Snee | Manchester, NH

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Every wedding I get is from findaJP!

Maureen Giffin | Surry, ME

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I am so excited! I booked my 1st Maine wedding from your findaJP website in less than 24 hours! And then another Maine Wedding for tomorrow morning in Portland – two in two days! I am so Happy! Thank you so much!

Carol Siebert | Portland, ME

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JPus is the best! So glad I’m a member. Thx for all u do. Hope to meet you someday.  Did 2 weddings yesterday in Plymouth 💞🙏

Robert Trostel | Plymouth, MA

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Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy browsing the new JPus site. I’m also excited to see new and informative training sessions. I look forward to watching the replay of Making Marriages Accessible: Working with the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing, as it holds special meaning for me. Thank you for your attention to inclusiveness.

Kathleen Getchall | Everett, MA

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When I was sworn in as a JP, JPus was recommended to me by others in the industry as a leader in developing and implementing the standard of practice in this field. I am grateful for the invaluable support JPus has and still provides for me as a municipal official.

Elizabeth Raymond | Leominister, MA

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I LOVE your site and services!!!!

Linn Morrill | Maynard, MA

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I am very much enjoying officiating at weddings. Much of the credit goes to you and the JP Association you so ably lead. You helped me value my professionalism and respect for both myself and the couple at whose marriage I was officiating.

Don Foster | White River Junction, VT

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I wanted to once again tell you how very very happy I am with

Dr. Patrick Benner Sr. | South Burlington, VT

Back to the Top is an effective online tool for reaching wonderful couples seeking an officiant in Vermont. They also keep me update on legislation impacting JPs in New England.

Carmen George | Burlington, VT

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