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Month: August 2021

Featured JP

The "Featured JP" is an enhancement to your membership package that increases its value. Featured JPs get priority placement on town listings Featured JPs are promoted with an engaging profile photo frame Prioritization When JPs are listed on a page they are randomized using an algorithm that gives priority to featured JPs and JPs who have a higher level of membership (eg Hometown+ listed before Basic, or Ultimate before Hometown+). Featured JP Fees The fees to become a Featured JP depend on the number of towns you are listed in. The screenshot to the right has the fee structure circled . . .

Dashboard Navigation

Your profile on is the first impression you make to visitors on the website. This article explains how to use all the features available to JPus members through the JPus Dashboard. Additional articles with tips are available by searching in the sidebar under Topics for Public Profile or  Membership Features. Maximize Couple Contacts Once you have got their attention, visitors will want to take the next step and contact you. visitors have several options for making contact. If you’ve got an external link (to your own website or to Facebook or LinkedIn), they may well go there next. . . .