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Month: November 2020

Are Vows Required?

A common question we receive from JPus members is about the vows. Couples don't want to say them. "Just sign the license", they may say. They just want to be -- married. So, what's an officiant to do? The answer depends on the state. But, none of the states that JPus/findaJP is active in requires any specific language to be used. Review the Requirements in: Connecticut | Florida | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | Vermont Connecticut No specific words must be said between the couple. Rather, the officiant must make sure that the marriage license has the correct . . .

Collecting Payment

Money can be an uncomfortable topic for some people. Nonetheless, as a professional wedding officiant you are operating a business. You are dedicated to giving your clients the best wedding ceremony they could have imagined. You hone your skills, network with others, stay on top of the latest trends, and you belong to JPus, an organization for pros. Couples are hiring you to perform a service. Naturally, you should be compensated fairly. Set Expectations Spell out verbally, and then in writing, what the payment expectations are. This is good practice, whether or not you use a formal contract. Be friendly. Language . . .