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Month: March 2019

SEO Part 3: Online Directories

A substantial benefit of every JPus membership is the professional listing on Sites that function like are considered online directories. They are best known for connecting users with relevant businesses and services - like you and your JP or notary service. For, this means connecting couples who click to you - their perfect marriage officiant. Benefits of Online Directories You probably recognize that that connection, reaching more customers and making direct contact with couples, yields a significant value. In addition to this benefit, your listing provides advantages that are not as apparent. For instance, even if you already have . . .

Marrying Foreigners

What documentation is needed when a non-US citizen is being married in the United States? If one or both parties of a couple are not US citizens, and not permanent residents (Green Card holders), then there are specific rules to be followed. It doesn't matter what their country of origin is. They apply to all foreign nationals. As a wedding officiant, you can provide valuable guidance to couples. If the couple intends to reside in the United States:  The foreign national must receive a K-1 visa from the US Consulate, and the marriage must take place within 90 days of entering the . . .