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Marrying Foreigners

What documentation is needed when a non-US citizen is being married in the United States?

If one or both parties of a couple are not US citizens, then there are specific rules to be followed. It doesn’t matter what their country of origin is. They apply to all foreign nationals. As a wedding officiant, you can provide valuable guidance to couples.
If the couple intends to reside in the United States: 

The foreign national must receive a K-1 visa from the US Consulate, and the marriage must take place within 90 days of entering the country. If the marriage doesn’t take place in time then they become “out of status” and must leave the country.

If the couple intends to live abroad:

Foreigners who only desire to marry in the United States, but will then leave the country and live elsewhere, may come to the country on any applicable visa.
More information about the processes that couples must follow is here.

Let couples know – that you know!

Have you helped couples navigate the US Citizenship and Immigration Services fiancee visa application process? Your experience is relevant and valued by prospective couples. Be sure to mention the skill on your About Me. Not only will it attract a couple’s attention, it will also improve search engines‘ ability to find you when couples are searching the web.