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Month: October 2020

Outdoor Winter Marriages

The advice from healthcare professionals is clear. During the pandemic, if you will be around others, it is best to be outdoors where air circulates freely. For this reason, encourage your clients to have their ceremony at an outdoor location. As the weather gets colder, be prepared for winter elements. Tricks of the Trade Wear a robe, and under it dress warmly! For instance, layer your clothing. Start with a good pair of thermals as a base layer to keep you toasty. No matter what is underneath the robe, it provides a professional, put-together presence. Don appropriate foot wear. Not . . .

COVID Violations

You are doing a great job! You understand the importance of social distancing. The training certification on COVID for marriage officiants? Did that, too. Of course, you wear a mask and counsel your clients on safety protocols. Furthermore, you've taken advantage of opportunities to connect with fellow officiants to brainstorm solutions to sticky situations. So, what do you do when you are at a wedding and another vendor is flouting the rules? Naturally, this puts your safety, and that of everyone else present at risk. In addition, it increases the risk of community spread. And, from a business perspective, it . . .