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Outdoor Winter Marriages

The advice from healthcare professionals is clear. During the pandemic, if you will be around others, it is best to be outdoors where air circulates freely. For this reason, encourage your clients to have their ceremony at an outdoor location. As the weather gets colder, be prepared for winter elements.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Wear a robe, and under it dress warmly! For instance, layer your clothing. Start with a good pair of thermals as a base layer to keep you toasty. No matter what is underneath the robe, it provides a professional, put-together presence.
  • Don appropriate foot wear. Not only do you want to keep your feet warm, but be prepared for snow or ice, too.
  • Pick out a favorite hat and keep your head covered. Gloves with mobile touch finger tips if using a tablet.
  • Get some hand and toe warmers and keep them in your JP Go bag.
  • Read the ceremony on a tablet and wear gloves with fingertips that are compatible so you can navigate the script.


  • Identify some potential outdoor wedding spots in your area. A covered gazebo or a space that has protection from the wind. When couples are looking for a spot for their ceremony, you’ll be ready.
  • Snow might make the setting feel magical, so not much of a disruption. But, rain or sleet – not so much. Have a back-up plan in case the initial spot is no longer feasible.
  • Bring the warmth of the indoors to outdoor spaces. Invest in a portable outdoor space heater and offer to rent it to your clients for the ceremony. Or, if you have the space, make your backyard a winter wedding oasis with a chiminea or heater. If you do this, be sure to mention it on your findaJP profile, too.
  • Sliding doors that connect a deck or patio to an indoor space allows for the couple and officiant to remain outdoors, and any guests can be inside (if so desired). Even an open garage door lets the air flow and provides some protection.
  • Incorporate your personal passions into the wedding ceremonies you offer. Winter hikes, cross-country skiing, ice skating or beaches allowing dogs all are unusual venues that have a natural affinity to wintertime.
  • Encourage your couple to have a back-up plan if rain or snow happens.

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