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COVID Violations

You are doing a great job! You understand the importance of social distancing. The training certification on COVID for marriage officiants? Did that, too. Of course, you wear a mask and counsel your clients on safety protocols. Furthermore, you’ve taken advantage of opportunities to connect with fellow officiants to brainstorm solutions to sticky situations.

So, what do you do when you are at a wedding and another vendor is flouting the rules? Naturally, this puts your safety, and that of everyone else present at risk. In addition, it increases the risk of community spread. And, from a business perspective, it jeopardizes state governments’ willingness to open up and allow weddings to take place at all. Consequently, this affects us personally.

This situation came up during one of JPus’ members-only Zoom calls. Wedding venues had seating arrangements too close together, and employees were not wearing masks. When one vendor violates the rules, we all suffer. Following are ways to report businesses that are not complying with their state’s guidelines.


The state’s Reopen CT Online Complaint Form is an electronic form to report violations pertaining to covid compliance. Providing your name is optional. If you would like to remain anonymous do not complete your personal information as all reports are publicly available.


Florida’s Health Care Complaint Portal has a question tree to follow that leads to the related state office where business violations can be reported.


Reports of non-compliance with Maine’s executive orders pertaining to COVID may be filed using this online form. Reporters must provide their name and contact information, and the information is available by Freedom of Information. Consequently, reporters may not be anonymous.


The protocol for violations in Massachusetts includes notifying the local Board of Health, as well as This Compliance Page has information for either calling, emailing or completing an online form.

New Hampshire

Complaints about COVID violations are handled by the NH Attorney General’s office. To submit a complaint or tip to the Attorney General’s office, call 603-271-1225 or email


Vermont’s Executive Order Reporting Tool is an online form that allows reporting specific incidents for investigation.

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