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SEO Part 3: Online Directories

A substantial benefit of every JPus membership is the professional listing on Sites that function like are considered online directories. They are best known for connecting users with relevant businesses and services – like you and your JP or notary service. For, this means connecting couples who click to you – their perfect marriage officiant.

Benefits of Online Directories

You probably recognize that that connection, reaching more customers and making direct contact with couples, yields a significant value. In addition to this benefit, your listing provides advantages that are not as apparent. For instance, even if you already have your own website, your findaJP listing contributes to your businesses’ overall search rank. For this reason, many self-employed people and small businesses rely on directories as part of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.
The rest of this article covers some of the reasons directory listings like are so helpful to small businesses and how they impact the search rank of those who use them.

Why findaJP’s Directory Listing Works

Online directories are designed to allow users to instantly identify, research, compare, and contact businesses and services relevant to their needs. A huge improvement over printed directories which required users to dig through piles of information just to find contact details. Online directories often focus on a specific industry and allow consumers to quickly perform detailed searches.
In addition to providing a searchable database, JPus’ findaJP online directory:

  • Can limit searches to a specific location (localized listings).
  • Lists important details like languages spoken, pricing, and available services all at the glance of a profile.
  • Features side-by-side comparisons, couple testimonials, and photos.
  • Provides options for contacting wedding officiants directly or through listed contact information.
  • Protects both the couples using the directory, in addition to the JPs or notaries listed.
  • Established a trusted reputation with our users.

Search Rank

Since they offer so many options, directory sites often have far more site traffic than individual websites can generate. That traffic is the main reason directory listings work for small businesses. As mentioned in SEO Part 1: How JPus Improves Search Results, how much traffic a site generates is one of the variables used to determine search rank. The quantity and quality of the relevant content and keywords used throughout the site is another variable used in Search Rank. Once again, directory sites provide an advantage in this area. Your About Me profile on naturally helps provide relevant content and generates greater keyword density. Member support article SEO Part 2: How to Improve Profile Visibility gives tips on using keywords.
JPus includes information about additional services and content in its directory. This increases our content’s relevancy, and consequently our site traffic. The findaJP directory has a competitive edge for search engine rank over standalone individual company sites. This is because more people use its services; we have an authoritative reputation; and we provide a higher concentration of relevant content. Smaller businesses are ensured a greater chance of being found by more customers when they use an online directory like

Enhanced Advantage

Using a directory is an affordable alternative to the hefty overhead of maintaining and managing a whole website. For individuals without their own website it is easy to see how the search rank benefits them. Specifically, the bulk of their online presence is provided by their directory listings.
That same benefit also applies to businesses that run their own website. In these situations, directories work as a multiplier for their own SEO efforts; they take advantage of the directory’s established and strong online presence as an inbound link. This is also the reason many businesses decide to manage listings on multiple directories. The same reliable details listed on multiple, reputable sites lets search engines know that the business is legitimate and worth searching for.

Additional Value of a Directory

The benefits of online directories also contributes to the overall online visibility of a business. A site’s online presence, or online visibility, is impacted by how easy it is for search engines to find that company’s details, and confirm that it is accurate and current. Sites that show up more often, with more reliable information, often perform higher in search rank. This can make them essential for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

Other Directories

Many business directories like provide listings as part of a membership or subscription service. For these sites you will often have to pay for a listing and may also be limited to a specific industry or profession. In addition to paid listings there are also several directories that allow you to register or claim your business listing at no cost. Despite the low-cost entry for these directories, they are often attached to larger services like search engines. This makes them extremely useful for all businesses. A few of these essential sites are listed below.

Even if you have not already established a profile with the directories above, you may find your business is already listed. A customer review or content on another site may have generated the listing. If this has happened to your business or service, there is no need to worry. These directories often have a process to take over or ‘claim’ that listing.


We know you have many options available for directories and we value your choice to be listed on Accordingly, we work hard to make sure that your professional listing is receiving the attention and hits it deserves. If you would like to learn more about the SEO strategies we utilize, check out the earlier posts to this SEO series:
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