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Articles to improve your JPus experience and maximize the power of your membership

Featured JP

The “Featured JP” is an enhancement to your membership package that increases its value.

  • Featured JPs get priority placement on town listings
  • Featured JPs are promoted with an engaging profile photo frame


When JPs are listed on a page they are randomized using an algorithm that gives priority to featured JPs and JPs who have a higher level of membership (eg Hometown+ listed before Basic, or Ultimate before Hometown+).

Featured JP Fees

The fees to become a Featured JP depend on the number of towns you are listed in. The screenshot to the right has the fee structure circled in red.

  • Basic: $20
  • Hometown+: $25
  • Neighborhood: $50
  • Region: $100
  • Ultimate: $150

How to Become a Featured JP

  1. From your JP Dashboard, click on Manage Membership Plan
  2. Click Upgrade Plan
  3. Scroll down to the listing of towns in your plan. On the right side of the towns listed, either click the yellow star or the words Enable featured listing in all towns.
  4. Complete membership upgrade.

If you’ve got any questions about being a Featured JP, and would like to explore if it is right for you, please call or email the JPus office to discuss.