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Dashboard Navigation

Your profile on is the first impression you make to visitors on the website. This article explains how to use all the features available to JPus members through the JPus Dashboard. Additional articles with tips are available by searching in the sidebar under Topics for Public Profile or  Membership Features.

Maximize Couple Contacts
Once you have got their attention, visitors will want to take the next step and contact you. visitors have several options for making contact. If you’ve got an external link (to your own website or to Facebook or LinkedIn), they may well go there next. Others will telephone you or email you directly. Visitors also have the option of contacting JPus members directly through using the provided Contact JP Form on your Profile.

As a JPus member you have complete control over your profile as it appears on Follow these simple instructions to access your personalized profile and present yourself and your services just the way you like. You may make changes as often as you like.

Login to Dashboard

Click on “Member Login” at top of or and login with your email and password. Navigating is easy with drag and drop features. Plus, you now have an easy link to preview your profile, so you can see what couples will see when they visit your pages.

Basic Information

As its name suggests, here is where you list all the basics: your name, contact information, even your term as a JP. If you know a foreign language, by all means say so here! You may add or change this info at any time.

New! External Links are located here.

Link to all your social media accounts, and if you have a website, connect to that here, too! All external links from your profile belong in this section, not in your About Me.

About Me

This is where you catch the attention of couples seeking a JP. Say as much as you’d like – there is unlimited space. Let your personality shine through, and help couples get a feel for the type of marriage officiant you will be for their wedding. This article gives guidance on writing your About Me section.

Don’t display links in About Me. They belong in the External Links section so they will show up when a viewer wants to contact you from your Contact JP tab on findaJP.

Photo Media Media Settings

Your profile photo, photos in the gallery and videos are managed in the Media Settings.

Profile Photo

Include a Profile Photo by uploading your photo or dragging the file into the Profile Photo section of the Media Settings. Your profile photo is important to have, as it will be displayed on the Search Results page as well as on your own profile. If your photo isn’t the correct size (minimum width is 225px, and maximum size of image is 1MB), no worries. Our article about troubleshooting photos includes information about resizing images.

Photo Gallery

Each membership plan includes photos to be uploaded into your photo gallery. When you are logged into your Dashboard and in the Photo Gallery tab the system will tell you how many photos are included in your plan. If you’d like to include more photos you may upgrade your plan.

To upload photos:

  1. Click the Add Another Photo button
  2. Either drag and drop a file or click the box to upload an image. The maximum file size is 2MB
  3. Optional: add a caption in the box to the right
  4. Be sure to click the blue Save box at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to display a video on your profile do it from the bottom of Media Settings. Go to the website where the video is loaded (e.g. YouTube) and click the Share button that appears when you hover your mouse over the page. Click “Embed” and then copy the code that you see. Paste the code in the text field shown.

Banner Image

The banner image is the horizontal image that spans the width of each member’s profile. This image can be customized with an image of your own choice. Let your personality show here and be creative. Make a collage compiling some of your favorite scenes or wedding ceremonies, a cherished quotation, or maybe a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. To upload a banner image select the photo you would like to use from your own files and either drag it into the banner image box, or click to upload. Be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen.

The maximum size for banner images is 2MB and maximum width is 1024px. The ideal size is 1024px x 250px.

If you aren’t sure what photo to use, we offer a few default images that you may choose from. To select a default image simply click the button to the top left side of the banner and then click Save. The banner will update automatically. (Troubleshooting photos help is available here.)


Let prospective couples see what a wonderful officiant you have been for others by including testimonials in your profile. Every membership level includes at least one testimonial; the number allowed increases based on the membership level. The Ultimate level allows an unlimited number. Every testimonial can have a photograph accompanying it – a nice way to show the couple that gave the endorsement.

To add a testimonial, enter the information in the box provided. No need to use quotation marks or to write the couple’s name. Once entered, our formatting will provide the quotation marks when the information is viewed on your profile. Enter the name/s of the person/s who gave you the endorsement in the box below that asks, “Who wrote it?”

To have a photo accompany the testimonial either drag the image inot the box under Add Photos, or upload the photo you are looking for. Finally, to save the testimonial and photo click the blue button below that says “Add Testimonial”.

New: You can control if each testimonial is published, deleted or archived. This way you can easily rotate testimonials if you are limited to the number that can be visible by your membership level. At the bottom of the page the published testimonials are listed, and you can also Manage Your Testimonials by editing or archiving each one.

Change Password

To change your password, first enter your old password, and then enter your new password two times. As a security feature, the system will log you out, requiring you to log in again with your new username and password.

Forgot Password

If you forget your password use the “Forgot My Password” link. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password. Be sure that and are on your SafeSender list to prevent the messages from going to spam. This article tells you how to do so.

If you try to log in six times unsuccessfully you will be locked out. No worries. Just wait one hour and try again. More information is available here.

Manage Membership

This section shows your membership level, the number of towns in your plan, when your plan is due to be renewed, and how much you paid.

  • To display the town or towns that are in your membership plan click Number of Towns and your town or towns will be displayed.
  • To change the town/s listed in your plan click on the blue Upgrade Plan button, add and remove towns until they are listed the way you want. As long as the number of towns remains the same the amount due will be zero. To save your changes click the red payment button.
  • To upgrade to a higher-level plan click the blue Upgrade Plan button and then select the membership level that suits your needs. Add the towns desired and complete payment. After paying, be sure to click the “Return to the Justice of the Peace Association” to make sure your changes are saved.
  • To add featured towns to your plan click the yellow golden stars. Now, when you choose to be a featured JP, you’ll be featured in all towns.

New! Auto Renew is now an option. Select this when checking out in billing.

Purchase History

This section shows all of your registrations, upgrades and related payments made to JPus, dating back to our 2016 when we launched the old website.

Please note that the purchase history is hosted within (instead of, so you will note that the page background is different than the other pages on your Dashboard. To return to your Dashboard, please click the Dashboard tab on the menu on the left side of the page.

Client Contacts

All of the contacts that couples make to you through the website are saved and can be viewed here, in the Client Contacts section.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that your email provider knows that and are safe senders so you’ll be sure to receive all the contacts from clients who want only you for their wedding officiant! Read how to do this here. Send a test email to yourself. If you have not received the test message to confirm your email address, please check your spam or junk mail folder. If you find the message in spam, trash or junk please follow these instructions to make sure emails get through.

See/Preview Your Profile

This link allows you to view your profile on right from your JPus Dashboard. Now you can easily see what couples are seeing, and make needed modifications on the spot.