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2018 Website Survey Results

In March 2018 JPus sent a survey to JPs on our mailing list. We wanted to hear about what is working for you – and what isn’t. Your feedback let’s us know what to work on so we can improve and better meet your needs. So, a big thank you to the 127 justices of the peace who responded!
Here are some of the results, and what we’re doing to make your experience even better!

Is the JPus website easy to use?

We are pleased that 60% of respondents said that it is either very or extremely easy to use the JPus website. Now our focus is to make it easier for the 32% who are struggling. To address this we initiated a new Member Support section of our website. Here you’ll find tutorials and how-to instructional articles to help you navigate the site and make the most of your membership. While we’re still available by phone or email to help any member who is having difficulty, we hope that having written instructions on different topics will be beneficial.

What other features do you want on your profile?

It is good to know that most respondents (78%) were satisfied with the features available on their profile. For the remaining 23%, almost all of the requested features are already part of our membership packages. The member support section will help here too, because we now have articles that explain what features JPus provides.

  • Each About Me profile has unlimited space, so members can say as much as they like about what makes them special, including what services they provide to couples. This article gives tips to do this.
  • All membership levels include a video, so JPs can provide a personalized introduction or give a snippet of a ceremony they have already performed.
  • Customized banners, phone numbers and other contact information, languages spoken and links to member’s websites are all part of your membership profile on findaJP. How-to info to customize these features on your profile can be found here.

Respondents who wanted to include more photos and testimonials can simply upgrade to a higher level membership to meet their needs. This Membership page describes the options and includes the number of photos, testimonials and towns that are included with each level plan.

Why aren’t you a “Featured JP”?

A whopping 30% of respondents didn’t know if they were a featured JP. Yikes! Definitely we have work to do here.

The survey made it clear to us that many members don’t understand how being a featured JP increases visibility, maximizing exposure to couples. To remedy this, this article explains all the ways that being a featured JP enhances your membership. We’re also making a change to how the featured JPs are presented. Stay tuned!

What other services would you like us to offer?

The number of people who would like us to develop a mobile app for the JPus website surprised us. Though we’re a little less surprised by those who want us to create county or regional territories for memberships. Both of these are big endeavors, but they’re now on our list to explore further. In the meantime, we continue to make improvements to the mobile experience. For those who are interested in regional or county memberships, please call the office to discuss options.