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Adding a Membership Badge

Current Justice of the Peace Association members may display a JPus Membership Web Badge on their personal website, blog, social media account and email signature.
Follow the instructions below to add a JPus Membership Badge to your account.

  1. Grab a Badge
    Visit the Membership Badge Page to get the badge. Please note that you must be logged in as a member to view this page.
  2. Select a badge size
  3. Add the badge to your site using one of the following methods:
JPus Badge
Example: Adding badge using code. Click for larger view.

a. Use the code below the badge image.

Select the entire code in the box directly below the image you have selected and copy it. You can now paste it in the code editor you use for your site, blog, or social media account.

b. Save and manually add badge.

  1. Right click the image you have selected and select Save Image As.
  2. Name the image you are saving. For example: JPus Membership Badge and save the image to the desired destination on your computer.
  3. Add the Badge to your site, post, or profile.How you will add the badge depends on the type of site you are adding it to. Some editors will allow you to add this image at the time of your post. Other site editors may require you upload the image to your site’s media library.
  4. Members who manually add the badge to their site should make the image clickable with a link back to’s Code of Ethics page. The badges displayed on the Membership Badge Page provide an example of the badge as a clickable image.
Example: Adding badge manually. Click for larger view.