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Managing Your JPus Membership Subscription


The JPus and findaJP website rebuild comes with some long-awaited new features. Accordingly, we have new terminology and processes. This article is intended to help our members understand some of these exciting opportunities. Membership vs. Subscription Membership Naturally, by definition, all JPus members have a membership. This means that members belong to the Association. Benefits are only afforded to active members. This includes Member Profiles and hidden information that is only reserved for members. Therefore, it is important that members are logged into the site when visiting. Memberships are annual, and need to be renewed each year. Memberships do not […]

LGBTQ Couples Welcome!


On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v Hodges made marriage equality the law of the land. Sadly, some marriage officiants continue to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and queer couples. Indeed, sometimes loving couples share their painful stories about officiants refusing to perform their ceremony. With this in mind, letting LGBTQ couples know that you are inclusive can alleviate any unease they may have before they contact you. Code of Ethics Of course you welcome all couples. After all, you are a member of the Justice of the Peace Association. In other words, as a member […]

Join Members-Only Facebook Group


One of the many benefits of a JPus membership is access to our private Facebook group. This group provides a forum for members to ask questions of one another, brainstorm ideas and share stories. Recent changes to Facebook’s page and group policies have modified the way JPus admins can invite new members to our private group. New Page Experience In early January 2021 Facebook began to transition pages to an updated layout referred to as the “New Page Experience.” Included in the update are additional limits on Private Group invitations. As a result of these changes, we can no longer […]

Liability Insurance – Options


Oftentimes, members ask about liability insurance. And they should! In today’s litigious society, having insurance protects you. Plus, some wedding venues are now requiring it. Previously, we covered the different types of liability insurance and what each offers. At that time, membership was polled. In addition, we discussed the importance of insurance. Now, in this second article, we are providing specific resources to help our members secure coverage. Disclaimer The following information is intended to be a helpful resource to our members. With this in mind, users of this material agree to the following: The Justice of the Peace Association makes […]

Social Media Perk


A perk afforded to JPus members is is the ability to be featured and shared on findaJP’s social media platforms – up to four times each year! Bonanza! Being able to let couples get to know you and all that you offer your clients? Priceless! Four times a year JPus will put out the ask for members to submit an image and text related to a theme that we’ll then post during the following month. This will be much like we did during the Love During COVID campaign we ran during the summer of 2020. See the photo to the […]