Vow Renewal

Marriage Ceremony Repeat

Celebrations During the past year wedding ceremonies changed. It wasn’t a choice – COVID forced couples to reckon with what is most important. The answer is simple. Love.  Hopefully you followed our advice to postpone the mega party and have two wedding celebrations: an intimate ceremony first, and then a larger affair later. Happily, later is almost here! As our communities receive vaccinations and it becomes safer to gather, celebrating with loved ones is becoming a reality. The Ceremony Therefore, the next question is, How to handle the ceremony?  There are many ways to think about this. Of course, one option is to skip […]

Here Comes the Sun: Is it Time to Renew your Wedding Vows?

Spring is just around the corner, right? Isn’t the season of renewal a great time to renew your marriage vows? With the help of a Justice of the Peace, you can design a special ceremony – as elaborate or intimate as you choose – to celebrate the life and love you’ve created together. Why renew? Many experts believe that the decision to renew your vows should arise from a feeling of shared joy and fulfillment, not from a need to fix a marriage that may be broken. However, if you have weathered a difficult time in your marriage and emerged […]