Wedding Rehearsal

A Primer on the Wedding Processional

Wedding processionals can be confusing – who walks down the aisle when, and with whom? That alone is reason enough to schedule a rehearsal, especially if you have a large wedding party. The good news is that the order in which your party walks down the aisle is truly up to you. But if you lean toward the traditional, let’s take a look at how it would typically go. Before the wedding party walks down the aisle, the guests are ushered to their seats. Although the bride’s family traditionally sits on the left and groom’s on the right, many modern […]

Is a Wedding Rehearsal Necessary?

I’m a Tom Brady fan. Brady, as you may know, is the quarterback for the New England Patriots. He’s considered one of the best —  if not the best — quarterback to ever play professional football. But he didn’t start out that way. He has never looked like the prototypical quarterback. Which is why in high school and college, other quarterbacks were brought in to replace him. But he won. They didn’t. In the NFL draft he was forgotten. He was so skinny. He was slow. I think he still owns the record for the slowest time for quarterbacks in the 40-yard dash […]

Three Reasons To Plan A Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

Here you are only months from your wedding, a day you’ve been looking forward to your whole life, and cash is flying out the door! Who knew getting married would be so expensive? All those details – from the $$$-dollar gown to the $$$-dollar venue and everything in between…. Cha- Ching!! So where can you cut corners? Well, if you are like some less-than-prudent brides and grooms, the first place you look is the marriage officiant.  How about shaving off that extra $100 she is charging to attend the rehearsal? That’s $100 you can put towards something more important, like […]