Small Wedding Trend

Sometimes, making do with less is more! Initially the coronavirus pandemic forced couples to rethink their wedding plans: live streaming the ceremony; nuptials outdoors no matter the weather; pared down guest lists. Of all of these wedding features, having fewer guests seems to be here to stay. What we’ve realized during this time is that small weddings keep us safe and so much more! When not trying to accommodate a large crowd, the newfound extras can be spent on what really matters to you. Small Wedding Benefits Recognizing all the good that comes from a micro-wedding isn’t so hard. For […]

Six Degrees of Separation

2020 Spring & Summer Weddings Even with these challenging times, your wedding can still be intimate and memorable. With beautiful green lawns, and flowers exploding with color, spring and summer offer a wonderful wedding backdrop. Things to keep in mind… With many businesses and town halls closed to the public, be sure to check out our tips on navigating marriages during the pandemic. This will help expedite the process. Location, Location, Location If you’re thinking about a spring or summer wedding, one of the best venues can be your own home. It’s easy to control social distancing and other safety necessities. In […]

Blending Blended Families

Modern families call for modern ceremonies.  Often times one or both partners have children from previous relationships. Every couple is unique and every ceremony should be written to accommodate their special circumstances. Do: Consider the children’s ages; Have fun and make it a family affair. Don’t: Make kids do something they are not comfortable with; Discount their feelings toward the other birth parent; Worry if plans don’t go as planned because young children will not cooperate; Be afraid to think outside the box and make your wedding your own. Here are a few examples of ways that have proven to […]

What Wedding Size is Right for You?

Image of large wedding party at outdoor wedding ceremony

Big venue or microwedding? Or, something in-between? Recognizing the pros and cons of different size weddings helps couples decide how they should proceed with their ceremony plan. It’s a balance. Many couples today want to move forward with their lives as a married couple as soon as possible. However, they also wish to have a wedding where they can celebrate their marriage with their loved ones. As a couple, they need to figure out what wedding size is best for them. Medium and Large Weddings Having a medium or large wedding creates opportunities for families to come together to strengthen […]

Incorporating Your Kids into the Ceremony

There are 4 million stepchildren in this country (US Census Bureau 2010). That represents a lot of blended families! If you are about to join the ranks, get a solid start by involving your kids in your ceremony. After all, the commitment you’ll be making is not only to your new spouse. It is also to the children in the new family you are creating. Your ceremony should reflect that. Words Readings: Our previous blog on Readings suggested using children’s books. They have the most insightful truths. Depending on the ages of your children, select an excerpt of a children’s […]

Family Matters

family matters blog post image of wedding seating

Weddings bring family together. Family members are happy for you and excited to celebrate this hallmark occasion. So what could possibly go wrong, right? Well, family dynamics are complicated, and bringing two or more families together for one important day can be intense. Planning the ceremony, even with well-intentioned family members giving conflicting advice, can bring added stress to the day. Solutions to Common Ceremony Dilemmas As Justices of the Peace, couples tell us about sensitive situations that worry them. We thought a discussion about some common concerns along with solutions would be helpful. We’ve enlisted Anne Ziff, a licensed […]

A Primer on the Wedding Processional

Wedding processionals can be confusing – who walks down the aisle when, and with whom? That alone is reason enough to schedule a rehearsal, especially if you have a large wedding party. The good news is that the order in which your party walks down the aisle is truly up to you. But if you lean toward the traditional, let’s take a look at how it would typically go. Before the wedding party walks down the aisle, the guests are ushered to their seats. Although the bride’s family traditionally sits on the left and groom’s on the right, many modern […]

Present in Spirit at Your Wedding

Remembering the deceased at your ceremoy

It’s the most important day of your life and all your loved ones are there to support you…almost. If people you love deeply have passed and cannot attend your wedding except in your heart, how can you recognize them in your ceremony? It’s a very personal decision, but you are not alone. Here are a few ways others have done it. Acknowledgment For some, simply naming loved ones in the introduction of the ceremony feels right. Calling attention to the surroundings, such as blue skies, warm sun, the love of family and friends, and then naming those who are here […]

Don’t Let Language be a Barrier

Bilingual ceremonies

Recently, I officiated the wedding of a bride from New Hampshire and a groom from Paris. He spoke English with a charming French accent. But his family, flying over for the festivities, did not. The couple requested a bilingual ceremony, but I do not speak a word of French. What was I going to do?These days, this isn’t an unusual dilemma. As our world grows smaller and more interconnected, cross-cultural weddings have become much more commonplace. These types of ceremonies serve not only to join the couple in marriage, but also to merge two cultures and languages. You can get […]

Who Invites Their Ex To Their Own Wedding?

I know I wouldn’t. And neither would my wife. But I read a story about a situation like this. The groom’s ex-girlfriend was invited to the wedding. She of course got drunk – and started screaming at the groom. And then the bride got into a fight with her. Needless to say, this ruined the wedding ceremony. This is why it’s important to have a professional JP perform your wedding. You don’t want an amateur to lead your marriage ceremony. Because you never know what is going to happen. It is an emotional day. All sorts of things may bubble […]

Connect The Past And The Future: Wear “Something Old” At Your Wedding

There are so many ways to make your wedding ceremony meaningful, but perhaps nothing makes it more so than when you wear something old that belonged to one of your ancestors.  Traditionally, many brides wear the gown their mother or grandmother wore as she walked down the aisle — with possibly a few alterations to keep with the spirit of the times. But how about that ring? Perhaps you are the lucky one who inherited your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding ring. How much more meaning will your “I dos” carry as that ring is slipped onto your finger (or as […]

Make Sure your Wedding Ceremony Fits Your Circumstances!

How times change! Not so long ago, the idea of living together before marriage was socially unacceptable.  While some couples dared to try it, they dared not do so openly – for the judgment of society could be cruel.  Gay couples also were in jeopardy of social condemnation. In 2014, however, living together before marriage is the rule — the “new normal.”  And gay relationships too are becoming mainstream in the eyes of most Americans.  Often the old words and assumptions underlying the “traditional” wedding ceremony don’t work anymore and need to be updated. The outdated Victorian notions of the “virgin” bride and groom – and […]

A “Thank You” Theme for Your Holiday Wedding Ceremony

The year is rolling up like a long carpet and you may feel as though you’ve been on a magical carpet ride ever since he (or she) popped the question. On top of it all, it’s that time of year again. For some of us, Halloween kick-starts those end-of-year jitters: the pressure of planning for the holidays; the dread of colder and shorter days. Yet you’ve got more to be jittery about than most because you are getting married! Yes, you planned it last year. (Or, maybe, last week.) And for very good reasons you timed it squarely in the middle […]