Holiday Weddings

Engaged! Now get married, over the holidays.

Holiday weddings are directly correlated with Engagement Season. That is the period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and the holidays remind us how much we value family and being with the people most important to us. Specifically, capture those feelings during your wedding ceremony. That is, pick your special date and start planning!

Let’s Get Married – Quick!

Once you are engaged (Congratulations, by the way), the next decision is to decide when to get married. You could pick a date in the far-off future, of course. Or, soon! Like, this winter. Keep it simple and focus on what is important to you.  

You are in love. Finally, the pandemic is manageable.  And, ultimately, you are ready. Really. Really. Ready. Why wait? Don’t fear booked venues. Options abound! Have a backyard wedding, or a spot in a local park. Cold outside? No problem – outdoor winter weddings are totally doable with a little forethought. There are tons of unique wedding locations that can provide cozy settings.   

A Holiday Ceremony

Get married during the holiday season – or on a holiday! Notably, a holiday inspired wedding ceremony can start a new tradition for your new family that you will cherish for years to come. Best of all, the togetherness of the season creates unique opportunities. There are many benefits. For example, the family is already gathering.  Therefore, take advantage of the circumstances and make it happen.  First, complete the paperwork with your town officials. Then, all you need is an officiant for an impromptu ceremony. 


Can you keep a secret? Make your ceremony extra memorable by surprising loved ones with a surprise ceremony. If the party is already at your place, you can manage the agenda. Otherwise, let your host know of your plans and get their buy-in. Then, find your JP (or notary in Maine or Florida) and let them in on the secret.

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