Small Wedding Trend

Sometimes, making do with less is more! Initially the coronavirus pandemic forced couples to rethink their wedding plans: live streaming the ceremony; nuptials outdoors no matter the weather; pared down guest lists. Of all of these wedding features, having fewer guests seems to be here to stay.

What we’ve realized during this time is that small weddings keep us safe and so much more! When not trying to accommodate a large crowd, the newfound extras can be spent on what really matters to you.

Small Wedding Benefits

Recognizing all the good that comes from a micro-wedding isn’t so hard. For starters, small weddings cost less and they let you have more meaningful connections with your guests. Planning is easier, too, so less stress for you!

★ Less expensive  ★  Less stress  ★  More intimate  ★  More meaningful  ★


Determining how much to budget for the big day is a personal choice, and there are lots of factors to consider. With big weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars – or more! – it is prudent to think hard about what is best for your situation. It depends on your finances. Weighing a down-payment on a house or having those extra 50-100-200+ people attend? Think about it. We’ve posted other articles about wedding expenses to consider, as well.


Lotsa people requires lotsa organizing. Coordinating the rental, set-up (and break-down) of the chairs? Someone’s got to do it. Not to mention, keeping track of the guests and who is sitting where takes work – and can be anxiety provoking. Will you need to hire a wedding coordinator, too? Ka-ching!


The more the merrier? Well, maybe not. A large crowd means the limited time available is divided between more people. Think about your ability to have meaningful conversations with each attendee. Will you be able to celebrate your day with those who are most important to you?

With technology, there are many ways to facilitate participation from afar. Talk with your marriage officiant for ideas to involve friends and family who aren’t participating in-person.

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