How to Get a Marriage License During COVID-19?

Updated May 7, 2021

How to Get a Marriage License?

The national, state and local response to COVID-19 is drastic. The message: stay home. If there was any doubt at the seriousness of the direction, it was made abundantly clear when municipal offices started shuttering. Because marriage licenses are issued at Town Clerk’s offices, and many of them are closed to the public, this poses new challenges for couples. FindaJP and the Justice of the Peace Association are working with state officials to provide information to couples looking to secure a marriage license. Below is the most current direction we’ve received.

Our state-by-state guide provides the rules on group gatherings. See our guide to know if witnesses are required in your state.

This page will be updated and new information becomes available.

State-by-State Guidance


★ If a town office is closed, couples may obtain their marriage license from any other town within the State, and that they may marry in any town in the state.

★ Marriage licenses’ sixty-five day validity will be extended for an additional sixty (60) days for any marriage license that is obtained or that will expire during the declared public health and civil preparedness emergency.

★ Some town clerks have office hours. Call or email to inquire.


★ Check with your local municipal body (website, email or phone) for its practices and office hours.


★ Marriage license applications are available here. Once the couple has completed the intentions and signatures notarized, they may mail in the completed intentions and $40 issuing fee to DRVS (or resident municipality) and the marriage license will be issued. Parties may also scan and e-mail the notarized intentions. Once reviewed and approved, payment may be made over the phone by credit card. DRVS will send the marriage license via e-mail (e-mails provided on the intention form) or by mail for those that do not have a printer. DRVS also has a drop off/pick up area before entering the lobby. The license’s 90-day deadline remains in effect.


★ During the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order, town offices are closed to the public. Some offices are providing limited services by email and telephone. JPus has identified two town offices in the state that are routinely issuing marriage licenses:

  • The Worcester City Clerk will go to a couple’s car, by appointment, to process marriage license applications for emergencies only. They are assessed on a case by case basis.
  • In Boston, marriage intention applications are received by appointment only on Tuesdays and Fridays. All requests are honored, so couples don’t need to demonstrate that the marriage is essential.

★ findaJP is advocating to the office of the Governor’s Council to establish improved communication and procedures to facilitate essential marriages.

New Hampshire

★ Check your town’s website, or call or email the town clerk’s office for individualized instructions on how each town is structured to manage the situation

★ Effective May 8, 2021, the Universal Best Practices replaces all existing “Safer at Home 2.0” business operations guidance in place since March 2020. The previous 60 day extensions on marriage licenses will now expire on July 7, 2021.

★ No tele-officiating.


★ The Vermont marriage application is available online here, with instructions for obtaining a marriage license.

★ A Vermont town office may be closed for entry by the public, but they are still operating. Check the local town office website or call/email regarding hours of operation and marriage license information.

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