When the Officiant and Wedding Vendors Disagree

I'm in a bind. My wedding vendors aren't in agreement on how the ceremony should proceed. What do I do?

The number one rule to remember is that you are the client, and final decisions must be made by you, and with your approval. There is no “right” or “wrong” in wedding ceremonies. Whatever feels right to you and your fiancée should be what the vendors provide.

Some venues may have preferred choreography for the wedding ceremony. Ask if there is a reason (e.g. Fire Marshall requirements) that would dictate where the officiant stands, or the photographer is positioned. Then, have a clear discussion that addresses the division of responsibilities to ease any stressors that may arise during the rehearsal or wedding.

When you are clear about your expectations, then all parties will know how to adjust. Your officiant will want to make your day special, and just the way you want it. The more you share about your vision, the more successful they can be.