Justice of the Peace: Alan  Shaw

Alan Shaw

Stamford, CT

Justice of the Peace

I work with a modular ceremony structure that allows for us to work together to craft something special. I can use my basic ceremony as is, or I can add sections of your choosing. I have many optional modules that can be included. Your wedding is all about you, but it is also about becoming a part of long-standing traditions and maybe some newer trends.

I offer you options, so that you can keep this as stress free as possible. While many civil weddings are short and sweet, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your special day. I can make the ceremony as long or as short as you want. Even the basic ceremony can have music or readings added to expand it.

Ceremonial options include:

Wedding Ring Ceremony: By far the most common addition, this can include one or two rings.

Handfasting: A Celtic tradition, the origin of the phrase tying the knot.

Sand Ceremony: Blending of different colored sands, often used when children are involved and families are blending.

Wine Ceremony: The blending of two wines symbolic of blending two lives (and life experiences) into 0ne new vintage.

Candle Ceremony: Sometimes called a unity candle, this involves the couple lighting a candle together, lighting candles symbolizing each family.

Jumping the Broom: Most often seen as an African American tradition, but also used in some Eastern European cultures.

All of these options are available in either modern English, or in an older more formal sounding English (think something like a Shakespear play). This second option is popular for Medieval or Rennaissance themed weddings.

Readings: You can always use your own, or I can offer a selection of short or long readings that can include friends or family in the ceremony.

Music: I can provide a selection of pre-recorded instrumental music popular at weddings. From classical to popular, I offer a small variety that can help set the mood.

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