Justice of the Peace: Angie  Scraders-Murphy

Angie Scraders-Murphy

Justice of the Peace

Love is here to stay…

I love to officiate weddings! It gives me great joy when I’m not only a part of, but also witnessing two lives coming together.  I am filled with gratitude to be a part of the first day of that journey. Whether quickie same-day ceremonies, or bigger events – the love and joy is the same. During the pandemic,  I’ve married more couples than ever. It was a true testament that love prevails.

It is important for me to share with you that “I welcome ALL loving couples.” I stand firmly behind JPUS core values in treating everyone with respect, dignity, kindness and of course love.  “I am a supporter of marriage equality.”

When you contact me, we’ll spend time together, on the phone , virtually, or in-person, so we get to know each other. This is my specialty – When we connect I pick up your uniqueness, and then convey these details in your personalized ceremony. My commitment is to ensure that your day is special and memorable.

Working at the Stamford Government Center, where the Town Clerk’s office is located, affords me the opportunity to perform ceremonies during the day, even last minute.

Wedding day jitters? No worries, being nervous is common. I am a social worker, and I naturally have a soothing touch. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. We got this. I’m also available for other lifecycle events.

In my spare time, you’ll find me volunteering for community initiatives that enhances the wellbeing of individuals and families. One of the special opportunities I have is sitting on scholarship committees that support college-bound students who exhibit potential, but who haven’t yet been able to shine. Like weddings, I love being a part of the beginning of their educational path.

How to contact Justice Angie

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If it’s known already.

If it’s known already.

Angie Murphy is a very kind and caring woman who helped me and my wife have a very special ceremony. She was very flexible about the days and times of potential ceremonies, and graciously agreed and worked around her own personal schedule to make sure she could be there to partake in our wedding. Angie was warm, welcoming, and very friendly when introducing herself and explaining how the ceremony would flow. She spoke clearly so we could both understand her. She congratulated us with kind wishes afterwards. My wife and I are very thankful to have connected with someone as loving and helpful as Angie, in order to make sure our special day went smoothly and efficiently. Thank you, Angie, for all your help!!

Kait & Ana, June 2020

Angie was the most wonderful choice to be our JP. She made us feel supported throughout the process and made the ceremony truly about us. She brings a warmth and joy to every step of the process. I highly recommend Angie for any wedding ceremony!

Brittany & Nandi, Dec. 2020

I just want to thank you again. That ceremony was absolute perfection. You hit exactly the right tone. You made it about the family. It was beautiful and unique and special and we are so grateful.

K & K – 07/2022

Hello Angie,

It was such a wonderful experience yesterday! Mary and I felt your warmth and choice of vows were just perfect.
Love and happiness to you,

Chris and Mary

Chris and Mary (2022)

Hi Angie, just wanted to Thank you again for your spectacular service and support. You went above & beyond for us and we are eternally grateful for that! Please thank your daughter for us as well. Here are a few of the photographs from that special day! Thank you for being a part of the most beautiful moment of our lives. 💜💗💕 with gratitude,

Yani & Lawrence