Justice of the Peace: Heidi C Keyes

Heidi C Keyes

Norwalk, CT

Justice of the Peace

Congratulations on your engagement! I would love to help you make your special day a memorable experience that you will always treasure. Together we’ll make sure your wedding ceremony reflects who you are as a couple. I have sample language to guide our planning together and will customize specifically to your liking. It would be my honor and privilege to officiate for you, and help make your ceremony beautiful!

While I will travel throughout the state to the location of your choosing, if you are still looking for that perfect spot I am familiar with many scenic (and lesser known) areas to be wed in the lovely Silvermine and Cranbury Park areas of Norwalk or the majestic and historic Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum or perhaps any of our local scenic beaches, spectacular wooded parks, or a private getaway location. Maybe you are looking to have your ceremony on a trailhead – I’m adventurous and an avid hiker – so that is an option, just as a service in the privacy of your home is, too. I also specialize in many intimate, city hall ceremonies. Together let’s figure out your dream location.

I love being a Justice of the Peace and have known from a young age that I wanted to be a Wedding Officiant.  I’m also passionate about education as an educator in a nearby elementary school and I’m active in the community as a member of Norwalk’s Board of Education for three consecutive terms. I worked for many years as a travel agent and have traveled the globe. My favorite spots are Australia, Italy, France and Bermuda, and I am happy to talk up honeymoon destinations as well.

Let’s discuss your vision for your perfect day! I’m happy to chat on the phone, text, or meet in person. I have a solid reputation for being responsive and will respond back to your inquiries quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any question that you may have.

How to contact Justice Heidi

Please use the provided contact form below. If you contact this officiant directly, please let them know you found them on findaJP.com!

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To: heidickeyes7@gmail.com

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If it’s known already.

If it’s known already.

Heidi was a pleasure to work with! Heidi agreed to do our ceremony in less than 3 weeks and was extremely helpful throughout the process. She was very flexible when it came to adjusting the ceremony to exactly how we wanted it and provided different examples for us to choose from. Heidi has great energy and made our ceremony truly special. We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant for our wedding! I highly recommend Heidi for your special day!

Kayla & Daniel

Heidi helped make our day better than we could have expected! Through the entire process leading up to our big day, Heidi was quick to respond, helpful and professional. I highly recommend Heidi – she’s a PRO!!

Jane & Chris

We found Heidi through the Find a JP website and she was one of the most responsive of all the celebrants we contacted..one reason we chose her! She was great with e-mails back and forth, including some wonderful suggestions for changing some of our vow wording for the non-religious (civil) Ring Exchange. Heidi took the time to meet with us in person and to get to know a little more about us, and was very personable. Heidi arrived early for the ceremony, full of smiles and enthusiasm and took the time to mingle with the guests, making sure we were okay and ready, and double-checking everything was in place before the ceremony began. We really appreciated all of that!
Thanks again for everything!

Beck and Mike

We were so happy to have Heidi Keyes as the Justice of the Peace for our wedding. She is a personable and responsive officiant who provides the kind of ceremony you prefer. We wanted a non traditional, private ceremony with some traditional elements such as pouring libation to the ancestors and lighting a unity candle. She took the time to sit with us and listened to our ideas about how we wanted our ceremony. She helped us to find readings and plan a personalized event that felt very special to us. Heidi was eloquent and helpful throughout the entire process. She went out of her way to make our day more special. Heidi also talked us through the process for getting our marriage license and followed through with everything necessary within days of our ceremony. Her presence was supportive and the ceremony was beautiful.

Tina and Phyllis

My fiancé (now husband) and I made a somewhat spontaneous decision to elope on our boat in Westport, CT. With very lttle forethought or notice, we found Heidi on findajp.com. We were immediately put at ease by her responsivess and attention to detail. She guided us through obtaining a license and was helpful throughout the condensed planning process (less than a week). We very much appreciated her openness and accommodation, Heidi has a great energy and spirit, making an already memorable day that much more special.
Simone & Cory

Simone & Cory

Thank you so much Heidi for being part of our special day. From the minute I spoke to you I knew you were the right person to officiate our wedding. Thank you for taking the time to walk us through the process step by step and having all the answers to our questions. You made this so easy for us. Oh, and thank you for finding the perfect location for our wedding as well. You’re the best!

Francillia & Jeffrey

Heidi was the best choice we could have made to perform our short and sweet city hall ceremony. She scouted a beautiful outside area, she recommended excellent language for vows, she was on a first-name basis with nearly everyone at city hall, and she even helped us through the ins-and-outs of the paperwork we need to complete ahead of time. From the first encounter she was nothing but kind, personable and a big help.

Brittany & Matt

Heidi Keyes was absolutely amazing. My fiancé had no idea how to go about conducting a small wedding ceremony, Heidi was truly patience and accommodating with my family by going out of her way by officiating the ceremony on a major holiday so my younger brother could attend. Heidi made sure we had the proper location and vows prepared so I can just enjoy my special moment.

Dhara & Sushant

We have nothing but great things to say about Heidi! Our first meeting with her we were nervous, because we had just lost our previous officiant and it was getting closer to the wedding date, and we hoped we would find the officiant with the right fit. Heidi put us immediately at ease with her easy going and professional manner and within five minutes we knew we had our officiant
Heidi is incredibly kind and understanding and helped us to better understand what would happen during the ceremony and everything leading up to our day. She customized the ceremony to our preferences and on the day of, incorporated wonderful observations that she had about us from just our handful of interactions which we loved! Heidi worked with our venue as well and everything was truly a seamless process (she is also great about emailing and texting back, which I always appreciate!) from start to finish.
Heidi made our day truly special – we could not have done it without her!

Joanne & Tom

Heidi was wonderful to work with for our wedding. She was very helpful in finding a time and location for our small ceremony. She even provided very sweet vows for us to read, which helped a great deal to make the process easy for us. She made the ceremony feel very special and meaningful for us and our family.

Hannah & Jackson

My fiancé and I threw a wedding together within a 2 week time frame, so there were many logistics we had to sort out. But as soon as we found Heidi to officiate our ceremony, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders. She went above and beyond and stuck with us every step of the way with enthusiasm and patience.
She gave us the freedom to make our day feel personal and special to us. We wanted to use the ceremony that my husband’s grandmother wrote, as well as our own, and she was excited to have us do so.
When Heidi found out that I was having difficulty finding a pair of earrings for my ceremony she offered to lend me a pair of her own.
Heidi is personable and understands how important this milestone is for newlyweds. I hope every bride and every groom could have Heidi on their wedding day!

Whitney & Chris

Heidi was an absolute pleasure to work with – my wife and I reached out on relatively short notice (around two weeks) and she replied within a matter of minutes! We were looking for a quick, private ceremony in Norwalk – Heidi provided us with a perfect location right next to Town Hall, helped us with vows, and put together exactly what we needed! We could not be happier with our ceremony. Thank you Heidi!

Nate & Jenna

Heidi was incredibly accommodating, helpful with logistics and warm. We absolutely loved and appreciated her coming out to officiate our ceremony last minute under an extremely challenging set of circumstances. She comes highly recommended!

Gisselle & Mark

Heidi is an amazing JP! COVID-19 interrupted our previous wedding plans causing us to have a very small and private ceremony outdoors. Heidi completely understood everything we were looking for to make our ceremony exactly what we wanted. She is very sweet and was so easy to work with. She helped us create the perfect ceremony that we will remember forever! Heidi was very professional, flexible, punctual, and provided us with rapid responses. We hope to use Heidi again in the future for our vow renewal! Cannot recommend Heidi enough! Thank you so much!

Haley & Brad

Heidi was lovely to work with. She is professional, responsive and personable. She was even great with our dog during the ceremony! Thank you Heidi for making our day so special!

Melania & Travis

Heidi was suggested to us via our venue and we couldn’t be more excited to have had her be our officiant on our 6/20/2020 wedding. She really took the time to meet with us and get to know us for us. She is so kind and heartfelt, you can tell she loves what she does. She worked with us throughout the entire process and was more than just an officiant. Heidi became our confidant especially through the hardships of COVID-19. I cant say enough on how grateful my husband and I are to have met Heidi and have her be apart of our special day!

Alyssa & Jason

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding; from the venue to the flowers to the music and the food. All these are important when creating a monumental event. However, if the flowers never showed up…the “show” would still go on. That can not be said about an Officiant! In my opinion, this individual is the KEY to setting the tone for the wedding. With so many choices for officiants, I happen to have found our PERFECT KEY…Heidi Keyes. She was helpful and informative from the very beginning. Friendly and always accessible. Even during this time when COVID-19 has turned everything upside down, Heidi’s presence gave a feeling of peacefulness and calmness as she stood before us. Heidi delivered the words of another without hesitation, with crisp articulation and poise. And in the “heat of the moment” (it was about 90 degrees), I might have forgotten a line; but even under the mask I could see her smile as she guided me back on track. Thank you Heidi for all that you are! You love what you do and it is certainly appreciated. We feel blessed to have this day with you, and the memories for the rest of our lives!

Kristen & Walter

We were married on August 29th by our officiant Heidi Keyes. We could not be happier with her for so many reasons. Heidi sent us a copy of the vows to review and make any changes and took the only photos of us after the ceremony. Her warmth and friendliness helped to make it a memorable and fun event. We would highly recommend her as your officiant

Joyce & John

Heidi Keyes was absolutely wonderful as our Justice of the Peace! She was very responsive and really took into account how we wanted our vows to be personalized. Heidi was very friendly and professional, and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great Justice of the Peace. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Amanda & John

From the moment we spoke to Heidi, she made us feel comfortable and confident. We could immediately feel her kindness and sincerity! It was a wild year and my wife and I went from canceling our wedding to re-planning an elopement months later – Heidi took everything in stride, helping us with suggestions and encouragement along the way. Our elopement was beautiful, and we could not have been more happy with Heidi having officiate our special day!

Justin & Chelsea

Heidi was wonderful to work with. We planned our entire “micro wedding” in 3 weeks and she played a part of making sure the ceremony went as we wanted it to. Heidi allowed us to collaborate heavily with the vows while also providing essential structure. The day of, Heidi was professional throughout the natural chaos of a wedding day, and conducted the ceremony with ease. We loved how she moved through the ceremony naturally and didn’t feel rushed. She had great poise when speaking. I would recommend Heidi to anyone – stranger or friend!

Meghan & Josh

My husband and I would highly recommend Heidi. She was helpful and guided us through the process from beginning to end. On top of this she made sure we were able to get married before the lockdown in the beginning of the pandemic. This was very stressful and we had to change plans. Heidi was very patient and kind and this made us feel at ease. Once we are able to do a bigger wedding with our family and friends we will be contracting her! We are both sincerely grateful to Heidi.

Kimberly & Jeffrey

We highly recommend Heidi, we felt completely confident going into our wedding day in her hands. She was responsive, responsible and very respectful on the day. She took all of our announcements, our thoughts about each other and turned it into a beautiful ceremony. We could not have asked for anyone better!

Ashley & Mike

We feel so lucky that we found Heidi for our wedding ceremony. Neither of us has any relationship with any clergy, so we knew that we’d be engaging a “random stranger” for this very personal and intimate experience. Heidi did not feel like a random stranger! Her warmth and sensitivity were clear the first time we chatted on the phone. She crafted vows for us to use as a starting point, but we didn’t feel that we needed to change a word. On the day of our tiny COVID wedding, Heidi’s calm presence through the chaos of family – rushing in through pouring rain, bringing their own hectic energy into our little oasis – was comforting! Thank you, Heidi. You’ll always be a part of our memories of our special day!

Sarah & Jamie

Planning our ceremony was a breeze with Heidi. She was easy to communicate with and prepared our vows as well as suggesting a lovely spot for our ceremony. We wanted an intimate experience and Heidi made it happen for us. We highly recommend her!

Meghan & Marcelo

Heidi made our day very special. We wanted a sweet and simple backyard ceremony and she helped us achieve just that. She tailored the ceremony perfectly and wrote vows for us. We were also able to have our dog there which made the day that much better! With Heidi’s help, it was the perfect little backyard wedding and we couldn’t be happier!

Christina & Pete

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the excellent service you provided for our wedding. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready made smile made the experience even better than we expected!

Sahil & Chelcia

Heidi was an amazing officiant, we want to recommend her for any wedding as she will make you feel very comfortable.
We were very pleased with her services as well as her patience since we were running a bit late. I had no idea that city hall had a small gazebo towards the back and thanks to Heidi she was able to secure it so that it would be available for our special day! I have talked highly to all of my friends and family about Heidi and would recommend her to any of them for future weddings!

Again Heidi thank you so much!! We really appreciate you!

Maria & Sharon

Heidi Keyes was very sweet from the very beginning. She was respectful and fulfilled our request. I wanted to be addressed by a certain name and she respected that. She asked if my partner and I would exchange vows at first I said no. Heidi drafted vows for my partner and I and we loved it. As we got closer to the wedding day my partner and I changed our minds and decided we wanted to exchange our own vows, Heidi was receptive and accommodated us immediately. The day of the wedding Heidi was punctual, patient and kind, She even took wedding pictures for us. My partner and I could not have asked for a better Officiant. I highly recommend Heidi Keyes to be your Wedding Officiant.

Kareen & Natasha

Heidi was delightful if you want to begin your special union with an Officiant who truly loves what she does! She was supportive and kind when first speaking with her and handled everything after that with flexibility & grace.
Thanks Heidi!

Kelsey & Jefferey

Honestly, we could not have asked for a better Officiant than Heidi. From the first phone call, she made us feel so comfortable and that we were in great hands, Heidi walked us through the process of getting the marriage license and the marriage certificate, she had wonderful suggestions for the location of the ceremony, and she was overall fabulous, warm, and professional. Heidi embraced our ideas for the ceremony and helped us include and navigate the handfasting component we had our heart set on, and she also brought such friendly and energetic vibes to the actual ceremony that it felt like she was part of the family! We truly cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Heidi,
Thanks Heidi!

Chris & Faith

Having Heidi as the Officiant of our civil ceremony was amazing! She was so easy to work with, quick and clear with communication, and guided us through each step of the process seamlessly. Heidi’s personality and manner of speaking reflect her warmth and kindness; she was a pleasure to have as part of our special day!
Thank you again for everything!

Mike & Shelby

Our wedding was perfect and it was all because of Heidi! She was so helpful and flexible as we navigated through what type of wedding to have during the pandemic. Heidi is a caring and an amazing woman who made us feel so special on our day. Heidi understood what we were looking for in our vows and everything was personal and beautiful. If you’re looking for someone to marry you, Heidi is absolutely the right pick!

Lindsay & Evan

Heidi was great! She was thoughtful, flexible, and efficient. She was very responsive and we were able to easily sort through all the details we needed to make our ceremony exactly as we wanted it. Heidi helped craft an incredibly personal ceremony, which was impressive given that we had only met a few times.

Leanne & Robin

We would highly recommend Heidi to officiate your wedding. My partner and I wanted a simple ceremony and she was just perfect! Heidi answered all our questions and made the day smooth and stress-free. We couldn’t have asked for a more comforting and joyful presence.
Thank you again Heidi!

Nicole & Louis