Justice of the Peace: Jon  Pulino

Jon Pulino


Looking to make your day an amazing day that you will remember? I am the Justice of The Peace for You.

I take pride and confidence in my job as a Justice of the Peace.  I would love to be chosen by you and your future spouse on your special day to ensure all goes well.   I am willing to meet you ahead of time in order to discuss that all expectations are met and we can go over any lingering questions or concerns you may have.

I have always felt that it is the pre-planning of any event that will take it to the ultimate level. The same is true for this Justice of the Peace who will arrive in a  timely manner to scout out the site and work with other vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page.

I do not discriminate as I feel that “real love” is priceless and selfless, therefore I will not hesitate to marry any couple regardless of sexual orientation, race or creed.

My fees include: Pre-planning calls, zooms and/or in-person meetings if possible. I am willing to go over vows and attend rehearsals if the destination is reasonable from Middletown.


How to contact Justice Jon

Please use the provided contact form below. If you contact this officiant directly, please let them know you found them on findaJP.com!

Send an email to Justice Jon

To: [email protected]

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If it’s known already.

If it’s known already.

Thanks Jon for your help before, during and after the wedding!

Corrado Ganci