Justice of the Peace: Renay  Allen

Renay Allen

Exeter, NH

Justice of the Peace


Ms. Allen specializes in simple, private ceremonies – whether they be in your home, on the beach or at a special park. When you want it to be a fun and intimate ceremony with just you and your fiancé, and maybe one or two others, she is the one to help you.  Ms. Allen has been a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace since 2014, performing weddings both large and small, as well as same-sex marriages.

Currently, she is performing very small, private weddings (six or less attendees) within a 30-day window. Her fee is $150.

After speaking with you to confirm the details of your request, you she will email you a contract. On the day of your wedding, she will arrive with a small, printed ceremony for you – as a keepsake to remember the event. She can lead you in your vows, or you may create your own. Don’t be nervous! Ms. Allen has the experience to create a relaxing and enjoyable event for you both.


**NOTE** You will need to apply for your marriage license from any NH town hall. Please bring it with you to the ceremony. To perform the wedding, Ms. Allen must take the marriage license from you, and check both your IDs. After the ceremony, Ms. Allen will sign and stamp your papers, and mail them back to the town hall that issued them. (Please bring the return envelope as well.) After a week for processing, you may return to that town hall to pick up the official copy. You will need this official copy for names changes, insurance purposes and etc.

In NH, no blood tests or witnesses are needed for a marriage. You must both be at least 18 years old.


How to contact Justice Renay

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Ms. Allen has performed weddings both large and small over the past ten years. Currently, she is specializing in very small weddings (six or less attendees) booked inside a 30-day window. Intimate and fun!

Ms. Allen