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NH 1599 – What Happened 2020

Updated July 13, 2020 When it comes to amateur officiants in New Hampshire, the Justice of the Peace Association fights diligently on behalf of our members.That is because logic and righteousness are on our side. We’ve done the research. We’ve explored alternatives. We’ve built allies. And we played by the rules. A Quick Summary In June 2019, the legislative session ended with an upset. The special marriage officiant bill died after the Senate President blocked it – based on the problems raised by JPus. While we were successful, we also knew that our work wasn’t done. The bill would be […]

Stamford Advocate: 3/6/2020

When the Stamford Advocate ran a story about the Census Bureau’s announcement that the marriage rate in Connecticut is the lowest in the country, JPus managing member Loretta Jay supposed a reason for the decline. To the Editor: The recent story, Marriage rates in Connecticut lowest in US (Feb 25, 2020) makes me wonder. Is this a reflection of society’s willingness to treat the legal act of marrying so flippantly? Online officiants became a thing in 2001, after Joey on Friends got ordained to officiate Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Oddly, they became a trend. Even though Joey’s performance was filled […]

Workshop – Child Marriage in Connecticut

Workshop: Ending Child Marriage in Connecticut Child Marriage is a Real Problem. Child marriage is still legal in the state of Connecticut. Beyond the harmful effects, it puts officiants in an ethical quandary. This informative workshop will highlight the social, emotional, and ethical problems connected with child marriage, the need for “brightline” (no exceptions) laws, and what Connecticut marriage officiants, clerks and citizens can do to advocate for change. Learning Objectives Participants will be able to: Describe the social, emotional and ethical issues connected to child marriage Explain the need for brightline legislation Discuss how to apply content knowledge to […]

Press Release: 1/13/2019

Changes to 1-Day Solemnizer Rule Recommended FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 13, 2019, Fairfield, CT. Significant problems with the state’s one-day solemnizer rule were identified by the Justice of the Peace Association in a white paper submitted to Governor Charlie Baker’s office last week. The Governor appoints Justices of the Peace to perform marriages and process the paperwork required to make the relationship legal. The one-day solemnizer rule allows friends and family to officiate, oftentimes with troublesome results. Most people think when the officiant says “I now pronounce you…” is the most important part of the marriage. But in reality, witnessing […]