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MA Legislative Poll 2021

We are thrilled that Senator Anne Gobi is taking the lead and resubmitting the Resolve to Evaluate the One-Day Solemnizer Rule. In addition, she is also submitting two Bills that support JPs. Before doing this, she asked Massachusetts JPus members to weigh in. These are the poll results. 100% of the Massachusetts JPs who responded to our poll would like to have the fees they may charge increased.   93% of the JPs who responded to our poll would like the application fees for 1-Day Solemnizers increased.   Comments provided by survey respondents, edited for clarity & length Thank you […]

Stamford Advocate: 3/6/2020

When the Stamford Advocate ran a story about the Census Bureau’s announcement that the marriage rate in Connecticut is the lowest in the country, JPus managing member Loretta Jay supposed a reason for the decline. To the Editor: The recent story, Marriage rates in Connecticut lowest in US (Feb 25, 2020) makes me wonder. Is this a reflection of society’s willingness to treat the legal act of marrying so flippantly? Online officiants became a thing in 2001, after Joey on Friends got ordained to officiate Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Oddly, they became a trend. Even though Joey’s performance was filled […]

Press Release: 1/13/2019

Changes to 1-Day Solemnizer Rule Recommended FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 13, 2019, Fairfield, CT. Significant problems with the state’s one-day solemnizer rule were identified by the Justice of the Peace Association in a white paper submitted to Governor Charlie Baker’s office last week. The Governor appoints Justices of the Peace to perform marriages and process the paperwork required to make the relationship legal. The one-day solemnizer rule allows friends and family to officiate, oftentimes with troublesome results. Most people think when the officiant says “I now pronounce you…” is the most important part of the marriage. But in reality, witnessing […]