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Justice of the Peace embosser

Give your marriage documents an official seal. This pocket seal is light-weight and versatile yet rugged, engineered to produce higher pressure with minimal effort. It is designed for travel. The 1.75″ die is personalized with your Name, Town and State around the circumference and  “Justice of the Peace” in the center.

Letter: End child marriage in NH

When JPus learned about New Hampshire’s pending legislation (House Bill 378) which would end child marriage in the state, we got involved. Our membership made it clear that they do not want to officiate a marriage involving a minor child – so it is important that the legislature hears from us. On January 17, 2019 we submitted written testimony to the House’s Child and Family Law Committee.

Testimony opposing NH temporary officiants

JPus’ Loretta Jay testified before the New Hampshire House of Representatives Judiciary Committee today, opposing proposed legislation that would authorize temporary marriage officiants. Read the written testimony here.

JPus Statement Responding to CT SB 396

THE ISSUE A new Bill was raised in Connecticut, An Act Concerning Justices of the Peace Who May Serve as Marriage Officiants (SB 396), which would allow anyone to be a JP for a Day in the state. The CGA’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony on March 9, 2018 and JPus was there. Our statement to the Judiciary Committee is below. JPus RESPONDS with a STATEMENT TO THE CGA JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Related Links See all of JPus’ efforts to address the problems of amateur officiants All the nitty-gritty details of JPus’ successful effort to block Connecticut’s JP-for-a-Day bill JPus represents membership and Advocates on issues that […]