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Stay home orders and efforts to flatten the curve are creating additional angst for couples trying to plan a wedding. We encourage postponing celebrations, not canceling them. And for those who want or need an intimate ceremony now, work with your professional officiant on findaJP.com to figure out the details.  For brides and grooms, these limitations lead to many questions. We’ve responded to some of the more frequently asked questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you still doing weddings during the “quarantine”? We are looking to price out an elopement in our backyard. Just us and three family members.

A: Talk with your JP and ask them what steps need to be taken to make sure that everyone is safe. Start with an outdoor ceremony with limited participants, and all people except for the couple are at least six feet apart.


Q: Are witnesses required for our marriage? We want to keep the numbers down, and just have the two of us and the officiant?

A: Witnesses are no longer needed in about half the states. They are not required in CT, FL, MA, NH, VT, but they are in Maine (2). Here is a complete list.


Q: We had to cancel our St Lucia wedding, but we’re keeping the date and celebration – just moving it local. Are you available at our house on our date?

A: This depends. If your celebration includes many of your closest friends and family members, it would be better to postpone the celebration. Keep the date for the ceremony, save the celebration for a later time.


Q: We want to get married, but our Town Hall is closed. How do we get a marriage license?

A: Each state has their own protocols. See this article for more information on your state.


Q: We were originally supposed to get married at the city hall, but due to COVID-19 they have cancelled all future appointments to perform ceremonies. What do we do?

A: Your marriage officiant can work with you to find an outdoor location in your area for the ceremony. You’ll still need a marriage license though, so see our guidelines for your state.


Q: My fiancee and I are from NYC, but we would like to be married in Massachusetts next week. What do we do?

A: All public health guidelines need to be followed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep people safe. There is a two-week quarantine for everyone leaving New York City. Once you have isolated for two weeks and are not showing any symptoms of illness, talk with your officiant about how to proceed.

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