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Town Hall Wedding

Elopement how-to

There are many ways to think about eloping. Indeed, it comes down to this. You want it done quick. And done right. No muss, no fuss. Here is what you need to know. Marriage License Marriage licenses are issued by the city or town clerk. You’ll need ID and there is usually a small fee. Check out these state-specific details: Info on getting the marriage license in Connecticut Florida marriage license information Information to get a Maine marriage license In Massachusetts, marriage license how-tos New Hampshire marriage license information To get a marriage license in Vermont Select Your Officiant All […]

Central Florida Region

The Central Region spans the entire width of the state, with coastal venues on both coasts. The Atlantic Ocean’s beaches and beauty, and the Gulf of Mexico’s serene nooks are all options to suit your wedding needs. If youthful adventure is more your style, an amusement park wedding in Orlando is always an option. Florida is a convenient destination wedding, and because flights are often more affordable, it works with those minding their budget, too. Unsure what is the right place for you? Let your notary know what you are looking for, and he or she will likely have suggestions. […]

Vermont Town Clerk Conference

Swing by and visit JPus at the Vermont Town Clerk Association’s Annual Conference. The action is at Lake Morey Resort, in Fairlee. We are looking forward to spending time with our friends and colleagues: Town clerks. Being able to talk about our wonderful JP members and share material promoting is what it is all about. We hope that if you’re in the area you’ll stop to see us too.

Vermont JPs

About Vermont JPs Information from the Vermont Justice of the Peace Guide   HOW TO BECOME A JUSTICE OF THE PEACE To become a justice of the peace, you must be elected at a general election or be appointed to fill a vacancy. Although elected by a town, justices of the peace are actually county officers.  ELECTION OF JUSTICES A person must be a legal voter of the town and have been nominated by party caucus or, failing that, by the town committee in order to be elected justice of the peace. A person may also run as an independent. NUMBER […]

States and Municipalities

Town, City and County Clerks Clerks and JPs: A Natural Partnership Town and county clerks are important and valued stakeholders of the Justice of the Peace Association. They have a complementary relationship with JPs, as both engage with couples at different stages of the marriage’s legal process. We love to work together to achieve our shared goals, like we did with Connecticut and Massachusetts town clerks when we squashed proposed JP for a Day legislation in Connecticut. Or efforts in Massachusetts to address the problems with the One-Day Solemnizer rule. Email Sign-up Form Offices of the Secretaries of State Collaborating with the […]