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Town, City and County Clerks

Clerks and JPs: A Natural Partnership

Town and county clerks are important and valued stakeholders of the Justice of the Peace Association. They have a complementary relationship with JPs, as both engage with couples at different stages of the marriage’s legal process. We love to work together to achieve our shared goals, like we did with Connecticut and Massachusetts town clerks when we squashed proposed JP for a Day legislation in Connecticut. Or efforts in Massachusetts to address the problems with the One-Day Solemnizer rule.

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Offices of the Secretaries of State

Collaborating with the people who make our state governments operate smoothly makes sense! Each state’s office of the Secretary of State has the responsibility to ensure that the state’s records are maintained accurately and that official documents are certified. Compliance is improved when we work together, keeping justices of the peace and notaries well-informed about changing laws. Similarly, we can be a conduit, channeling information from officiants to the state offices. Hearing officiants’ experiences in a coordinated way will support administrators, so they can respond accordingly.

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State Tourism Offices

JPus is proud to partner with state tourism offices. Supporting marriage officiants in each state is a shared goal. For that reason we are happy to promote destination weddings. Our partners include: ★Visit CT  ★ Visit Pennsylvania

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