Weddings Don’t Have to be Expensive

While big expensive weddings remain popular, many couples confide that they just cannot afford a fancy affair. Thus I offer the following suggestions for having a beautiful and memorable occasion without all the cost.

First, let’s talk about location. Banquet halls are lovely, but they often come with a steep price tag. For those who want to avoid that expense, options abound. Couples can save  money by having their wedding at home. If that isn’t possible, perhaps a friend or relative might offer theirs. Or if the couple met while walking their dogs in a local park, they might want to tie the knot there. Many towns allow couples to use their Town Green for their nuptials. A quick phone call to the Town Clerk’s office will provide information on what is permissible.

Photographers too can be expensive. Anyone apprehensive about entrusting their wedding photography to Uncle Harry or another untrained relative might consider working with a photography student from a local art college. That way, the couple benefits from the student’s instruction while the student benefits from the opportunity to build his or her portfolio. Many students are willing to photograph the event for a reasonable hourly rate. The couple can also save by assembling their own wedding photo albums.

A fun way to save money on a limo requires a little research. Many car clubs include members who don’t mind hiring out their vehicle (with themselves as driver) to transport the couple to their wedding location and their reception site. This can be particularly delightful for car buffs. If their dream car is a 1957 Chevy or a fully restored Packard with a rumble seat, they can enjoy arriving in style.

As with any part of planning their special day, each couple should feel absolutely comfortable reaching out to their Justice of the Peace for guidance. And every Justice of the Peace should have resources and advice to provide when asked.

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Lynn Fredricksen is a freelance writer and JP from North Haven CT.

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