Connect The Past And The Future: Wear “Something Old” At Your Wedding

There are so many ways to make your wedding ceremony meaningful, but perhaps nothing makes it more so than when you wear something old that belonged to one of your ancestors.  Traditionally, many brides wear the gown their mother or grandmother wore as she walked down the aisle — with possibly a few alterations to keep with the spirit of the times.

But how about that ring? Perhaps you are the lucky one who inherited your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding ring. How much more meaning will your “I dos” carry as that ring is slipped onto your finger (or as you slip it onto hers)?In a recent New York Times article, Sara Franklyn tells of how she chose to wear the ring of a beloved “Grammy” who passed away when Sara was only 8. The ring had been worn by Sara’s mother until her death and sat in Sara’s sock drawer until her own wedding. She explains, “When my partner and I decided to get married… I fished the ring out…. He never had a chance to meet either of my parents. It feels like a perfect symbol of continuity and an invitation for my parents to be a part of [our] wedding and our life together, even in their absence. I can’t imagine a more perfect symbol of commitment and family.”

Your wedding ceremony can connect you to all the generations who came before and all those who will follow. Rings passed down through the family line can represent a life energy that binds us backwards and forwards. Ancestors you knew and didn’t know are present when you celebrate your marriage with the blessings from yesteryear infused in their jewelry.

Can something other than rings be used to commemorate your lineage or to start a tradition for your sons and daughters? Of course!

Grooms, consider wearing your grandfather’s wrist watch, even if it’s a little worse for wear. Or one of your father’s tie clips, or cufflinks…….Brides, if you don’t have a special ring, consider earrings, a bracelet, locket or necklace that is meaningful to you because someone you loved once wore it.  Wearing it at your wedding can add spiritual depth to your wedding ceremony.

If you are starting a new tradition, why not buy a matching broach and tie clip with your initials or some other meaningful emblem etched on them? Or go shopping for vintage pieces that are reminiscent of your ancestry or traditions. By selecting wedding jewelry as family keepsakes, you whisper “I love you” across time and become a presence in the wedding ceremonies of your children and grandchildren.

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