Flexible Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding can feel daunting under the best of circumstances. Now more than ever, when COVID guidance changes by the day, having a strategy to keep your cool is so important. Flexibility is the name of the game. This will allow you to move fluidly, keeping everyone safe and yourself calm.


Think about what you need to have to make your day the way you want it. When making choices, focus on what is most important: the love between you and your betrothed. Some serious soul-searching might be in order as you make difficult decisions. When you remember that your union is what a marriage is about, it is easier to let other disappointments roll off. Develop lists of must-haves and a separate list of nice-to-haves.  As you make arrangements, you may find that some items once considered a requirement, aren’t. Revisit and reevaluate often.

It is also good to have a Plan B. If all goes well, and it feels safe to proceed – Terrific! But, if not, you will be equipped to switch gears and make the best decisions for the circumstances at hand.


As positivity rates increase, it may be necessary to have a smaller guest list. Identify if there are people you cannot imagine proceeding without: parents or grandparents, children or a best friend. Be mindful of your guests’ health conditions as you consider options. We’ve all been living with COVID for a while, now, so guests understand. If circumstances dictate fewer attendees, they may be disappointed to be off the list, but they’ll get it.

We are in a much better place than we were when the pandemic began. For instance, we now have resources to support your decisions.

  • Live-streaming broadcasts your wedding ceremony to friends and family near and far. We’ve got the live streaming how-to, to make it easy.
  • Vaccinations save lives, and allow us to be with our loved ones. Requiring guests to be vaccinated or tested is an option. Sticky conversations, yes, but necessary.
  • Elopements, micro-weddings, just-the-officiant and us. This is how weddings are trending. Talk to your JP or notary about what a tiny ceremony could look like. The professionals on findaJP.com have experience and expertise to help you figure out what is right for you.


  • Select a location for your ceremony that has an outdoor option – even in the winter. This way, if COVID positivity rates increase, you can easily switch gears to be in the open air. Remember to think through all sorts of weather so you will be prepared.
  • Let your officiant and photographer know about your intention to adjust to the circumstances, and ask them how they can be flexible, too.
  • Get wedding insurance. It will remove the stress of lost deposits and let you focus your decision-making on health and safety instead of money.

When planning your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that this is only one day of the rest of your lives together.  Work through the decisions with your partner and keep each other in check. Come up with a fun, catchy phrase that helps lower the temperature. Then, use it as a reminder if one of you gets stressed. In general, appreciate the value of simplicity and have fun!

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Loretta Jay is the Managing Member of the Justice of the Peace Association. This is the membership organization for professional marriage officiants. All officiants’ profiles are searchable at findaJP.com, the place where Couples who Click can find their perfect JP. 

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