Future Shock: The Wedding Ceremony of 2050

While our concept of marriage continues to evolve, surprisingly the wedding ceremony itself has remained remarkably the same.

Ask any Justice of the Peace and she will likely confirm that even the most modern couple will not abandon those features of the wedding ceremony that connect them to romance and tradition, most notably the opportunity to voice “I do!”

So what is changing about the wedding ceremony? What will it look like in 35 years? If today’s trends are any indication (and of course they are), many weddings will be all about technology. (Surprise!)

Virtually married?

Bi-location: Your children’s wedding chapel may be their 2050 version of a webcam. In the future, many states are likely to authorize “virtual” wedding ceremonies where the JP and the couple are not in the same location. Consider, for example, the 2010 wedding of a Texas couple married via Skype by a JP from Washington DC. Having managed to get their DC marriage license in advance, the couple wanted to tie the knot in their home state of Texas which did not recognize gay marriages. Technology (and a clever reading of the DC marriage laws) enabled them to achieve their dream.

Come one, come everyone: “Live streamed” weddings are also becoming more popular and will likely be de rigueur in 2050. Thanks to technology, a future bride may now invite guests half-way around the world to “attend” her wedding ceremony while it is happening. According to blogger Claire Perez, modern couples are enthusiastic over “the option to beam [their] nuptials live to anyone with an internet connection ….”

Karaoke wedding: Even today, some brides and grooms walk down the aisle with their smart phones in hand. In 35 years, wedding officiants too – perhaps – will conduct ceremonies from computer tablets or – better yet – little screens only their eyes can see, thanks to the microchips implanted in their heads. Likewise, future wedding guests might participate in the ceremony from their mobile devices, which will prompt them to rise, be seated, sing, read, clap, cheer or throw organic rice.

What will the typical wedding ceremony of 2050 be like? While we can be certain that technology will play a role in many future weddings, it’s anyone’s guess what other changes might be in store. As wild as our imagination can run, the innovations in weddings will likely keep pace.

Because, dear brides and grooms, the future is now and “now” is in a perpetual motion.

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