Getting Married Later in Life? Anything Goes!

If you’re a mid-life (or later) bride or groom, “Relax” might be your mantra. That’s how one 55-year old bride (third wedding) was able to cope when she realized she’d left her bridal bouquet at home in the refrigerator. “My first two weddings were about pleasing other people,” she told “But I ended up being very pleased this time around …. We both felt it was our ceremony.”
Turning the ceremony into our ceremony can really make the difference when you are getting married later in life. Your ceremony can be anything and everything both of you want it to be. Find a JP who will help make that happen. Write the ceremony yourself, adorn it with your favorite lyrics of Bob Dylan or John Lennon. Invite your children and grandchildren to participate – to recite a blessing, read a poem or simply stand beside you as you exchange the vows you wrote for one another. Lighten up on the traditions and design a ceremony that captures the wisdom and fun at the heart of your life together. Reweave the traditional elements into a ceremony that honors your personal spirituality.  Make “anything goes” your guiding principle when approaching this, your last, wedding ceremony.

Hey, shouldn’t it be your wedding whenever you get married, be you young or old? How true!  The following recommendations may be particularly relevant for late bloomers, but you young’uns are welcome to borrow them!

Most popular choice for wedding music: Old standards like “At Last” by Etta James:

“At last

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song…”

Most popular song lyrics read as part of ceremony vows: Someone Like You” by Van Morrison:“I’ve been searching a long time for someone exactly like you,

I’ve been travelling all around the world, waiting for you to come through.

…Someone exactly like you….”

Most popular reading excerpt: The Prophet” by Khalil Gabran

“Love one another, but make not a bond of that love. Let it rather be like a moving sea between the shores of your souls. …”

You’ve decided to forgo the big bash in favor of a backyard affair, the long gown in favor of jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. The barbecue will provide the perfect reception fare and who needs a bridal registry when you have blenders and toasters to spare in the attic? What a joy to plan a wedding ceremony when you are all grown up and know exactly who you are and what you want!

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