Little Gifts of Love

flowers made from love note gift for bride or groom

Weddings can be elaborate affairs with hundreds of guests, or they can be intimate, simple gatherings with just a few cherished family members and friends. Either way, so much attention is spent making sure everyone has a good time. It is sometimes easy to get lost in those details and forget that this is your special day.

There are a host of ways you can add tiny personal touches to your ceremony. Special scatterings of love to hold close to your heart that can make your day that much more distinctive and unique. Not for anyone else, just for you.

A little soul for your sole

What if you could be showered with love and best wishes all the way to the soles of your feet… or your shoes, to be exact. There are several adaptations of this special little something. For example, one is where the bridesmaids all sign or leave small messages of love and good luck on the soles of the bride’s shoes in blue ink for “something blue.” My favorite is when the bride and groom write love notes on the bottom of one another’s shoes. For no one else to see, but for each to carry with them as they stand before the officiant and take their vows.

Bouquets with heart

Bridal bouquets, too, can be wildly varied and uniquely tailored to add that small, personal touch.

  • How special to carry the same lilies that your mother had in her bouquet.
  • Or add your Grandmother’s brooches within the petals.
  • Even use a special herb for good luck.
  • Perhaps an heirloom rose from your Aunt’s garden.
  • Or better yet, what about paper roses made from the copied pages of your favorite book? Or poem? The music from the lullaby your father used to sing?

Lost but not forgotten

Adding beautiful memory charms to a bride’s bouquet can honor the presence of cherished family members who have passed. Similarly, grooms can do the same by wearing the faces or names of those loved ones, pinned close to his heart.  Truly, they will also share a place in his special day.

These are small things. Private little tokens to tuck away within your heart and add to the treasured memories of your perfect day. Tiny little gifts of love…just for you.

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