Love is Stronger than COVID-19

Marriages are About Love

COVID-19 is proving that marriages really are all about love. Delaying the big shindig, couples are working with their justices of the peace and getting creative, marrying despite, and oftentimes, because of, the uncertain times.

Mariel Mingola and Ryan Rowell found their Justice of the Peace, Angie Scraders, on The couple had plans for a ceremony and reception, but now, because of the coronavirus, it will be just them. And soon. They didn’t want to wait. JP Angie found an out-of-the-way, scenic spot at a local park for an intimate ceremony. Mariel and Ryan postponed the big reception.

“The weird thing is when we gathered together,” Angie said. “Typically, everyone shakes hands or hugs. Now, it’s big smiles only. We can no longer have that contact.”

Couples are still falling in love and still want to get married.

Angie feels safe doing the weddings as long as she knows that she is taking the appropriate precautions. She explains, “A lot of couples have made plans. They don’t know what to do. There is a sense of desperation. Having an intimate ceremony takes the pressure off and relieves them of the insecurity that they are experiencing. This gives the couple a little normalcy.”

Angie said that when she saw how they were all standing, so far apart, it became real.

“Our role as a JP is central, because we craft the vows. We are saying words that are meaningful to the couple. And it’s appreciated. Even during this time, I want them to have the same sense of what is important. I want them to remember that special moment of their wedding day. Not the coronavirus.”

This Saturday Angie was scheduled to do a big wedding. Now, it is just the couple and a sister, but the same date. The bride asked anxiously, “Would you come to my home, instead?” Yes, she will. Outdoors, naturally.

Professional officiants will help couples find a special, outdoor place as part of their services. And, of course, they will always follow the CDC’s prevention measures. The professional officiants on are members of the Justice of the Peace Association. They receive professional development training and support to make sure that everyone is safe during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus Resources for Couples

★ findaJP has compiled resources for couples planning a marriage during the coronavirus pandemic. See them here.

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