Make Your Wedding Ceremony Your Own — the Modern Way!

If you are determined to break with convention by designing your own wedding, you are not alone.  These days, Justices of the Peace are being asked to officiate at more creative and non-traditional wedding ceremonies. This trend is seen in the chosen attire, the wording of the ceremony, the style of music, and even in the way a couple travels down the aisle.

Modern weddings often reflect a couple’s lifestyle and personality. Wedding attire, for example. I’ll never forget the couple who dressed quite casually —  in jeans, while the groomsmen wore vests and the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots. The bride placed no requirements on their attire, except for those cowboy boots!

Non-traditional weddings can incorporate any genre of music, not just the standard baroque classics. One bride walked down the aisle to David Gray’s “January Rain.” Also I’ve noticed that many younger couples are writing their own vows or editing traditional language to reflect their own beliefs. JPs can help by providing a framework for you to do this.

For instance, you might include stories about how you met or your most cherished experiences together. Or your ceremony can symbolize the union of not just yourselves but your extended families — even your former spouses! If either of you has children, consider including them. One couple composed special poetry to unite their new blended family.

You might decide to get married at a location that’s particularly meaningful to both of you. And if you feel obliged to get married in June because — after all — it’s tradition, think again!  Actually, in my experience, September has become the busiest month for weddings.

Any aspect of a wedding can be modified to reflect your interests or instill a sense of fun.  At one wedding for which I was the celebrant, the couple was accompanied by their best friends — who happened to be four-legged (their dogs)!  When I married an outdoorsy couple, they rode their bicycles down the aisle! At the reception, the guests were invited to make their own sandwiches.

Believe it or not, the average wedding  in 2012 cost more than $28,000! Are you one of the thousands of couples who are opting for a less expensive, unique ceremony that captures the essence of your relationship? Well then a Justice of the Peace may be the wedding officiant for you. Many JPs are prepared to help you coordinate your entire wedding day – from start to finish.

Let your imagination and wishes guide you in the planning and execution of your non-traditional ceremony. One of the greatest benefits that comes from choosing a Justice of the Peace to officiate your wedding is the flexibility and creativity to make your wedding uniquely your own — the modern way!

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